Famagusta Traditional Music Orchestra: Presents the concert Cyprus, Heaven on Earth

The Famagusta Traditional Music Orchestra presents the traditional concert CYPRUS, THE LAND OF PARADISE

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The Traditional Music Orchestra of Famagusta presents the traditional concert CYPRUS, PARADISE EARTH on Sunday, June 2, 2024 at 8 pm at the Municipal Amphitheater of Paralimni with the participation of twenty-four musicians of traditional music from the province of Famagusta.

Conductor: Michalis Kouloumis

Participants: Petros Kouloumis, Michalis Terlikkas


Konstantinos Vrahimis – violin
Konstantinos Vrahimis – violin
Lefteris Giorgitsis – violin
Irenaios Dimitriou – violin
Panagiotis Kotsapas – violin
Andreas Mama – violin
Giannis Matthaiou – violin
Artemis Petrou – violin
Irini Pelagia – violin, voice
Adamos Pogiatzis – violin
Giorgos Pogiatzis – violin
Polychronis Sokratous – violin
Stefanos Hatziandreou – violin
Kyriakos Markoullis – lute, voice
Iordanis Menelaus – lute
Andreas Siantanis – lute
Kyriakos Hatziandreou – lute
Christos Isidorou – pithkiaulin, lafta
Panagiotis Koumassis – percussion, voice
Ilias Hadzimichael – percussion, voice
Eleni Koki – santouri
Dimitris Pichas – double bass

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