"Agios Epiphanios" Cultural Academy: Organizes an experiential workshop "A Glorious Place"

How to participate

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The Cultural Academy "Agios Epiphanios", with the support of the Cyprus Youth Organization, organizes an experiential workshop for young men and women entitled "A glorious place", on Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 6 pm, at the museum - holy church of Agia Anna , in Paralimni.

The experiential workshop takes place in the context of the temporary exhibition dedicated to the occupied monastery of the Apostle Barnabas, entitled "Place of Euclea". Holy Monastery of Apostle Barnabas. History – Offer – Refugee.

Through the elements of the exhibition, those who participate are given the opportunity to get to know the history, the contribution to the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Cyprus and the current reality of the monastery, a place that is a symbol, and to discover its experiential narrative.

In the first part of the workshop there will be an interactive tour of the exhibition. Participants will be able to see, hear, touch and understand aspects of the history and modern reality of Cyprus, through exhibits, narratives and memories related to the monastery. In the second part, the experiential activities will follow. In the workshop they will be given the opportunity to co-create, co-express freely and participate in an action of cultural expression in which their own experiences also have a place.

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Declarations of participation in the link
https://forms.gle/NsJuWjXE5ndjABXPA and on phone 23 812468.

Tour: Christina Kakkura (Exhibition Curator)

Experiential activities: Giorgos Christou (Social and Behavioral Sciences), Evi Savvidou (Special Educator), Georgia Hatzichristodoulou (Occupational Therapist)

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