"My dear coroner…"

By Christina Tofini

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Photo by PAU BARRENA / AFP via Getty Images

My favorite coronoie,

You came suddenly and changed everything. You were introduced to us unexpectedly and you dragged everything into your path. Your name is associated with death, pain, misery, misery and so many other negative situations and emotions. You took a lot from us and stole even more from us. And for that you deserve a lot of congratulations.

Congratulations on what you have accomplished, on how much fear and insecurity you have spread and on how much pain you have so generously bestowed. In the huge loss you caused, I can't help but recognize the power you gave me. The power to get up and be born from the beginning. The power to appreciate and respect every touch that adorns the painting of my life. And that's why I can't help but say thank you very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You reminded me in a different way that a sunset, a walk in the sea, a morning coffee can cover my life with plenty of light. With your make-up you showed me the importance of being free and healthy. With your scandals you gave color and value to the human condition.

Your show, however, is coming to an end and will give the end it deserves. So be prepared for what will happen. Joy and peace will flood the world again and again. The light of the Resurrection and the message of hope will spread everywhere. The unquenchable hope that Golgotha ​​is always followed by the Resurrection, that martyrdom and death always welcome the light of Paradise. Do what you have to do while you still have time, as long as there is still time. Because we are all here. United and strong. We clasp our hands and sing from our balconies. We sing about life. The life that awaits us. The life that lies ahead of us. And you don't fit into it. You do not fit into our dream. There, only what we love is squeezed. And they are all those we want to meet with so much longing at our Easter table. What we have been waiting for so long. But we will postpone it for a while. We will do you the favor until you are completely lost. There are a few moments left for you and we will give them to you. Until life makes the biggest premiere in its history. Until we take to the streets to celebrate our victory. Until we are all there. Until then, we stay home for a while and fill our hearts with stardust of strength, hope and patience. We can do it and we will do it!

Christina Tofini