Archbishop elections as an end and a beginning

Article by Giorgos Kyprianos, Theologian - Educator

Kyprianou Archbishop Elections, George Kyprianou

By George Kyprianou:

The Archbishop elections have come to an end. Perhaps from here on out nothing more needs to be said. Although we had many and various things to publish, yet in retrospect it is judged useless and unnecessary. After all, what the Church as our mother needs now is our protection and care and no longer her fighting and dragging her away. Already the discrediting of abstinence on the part of the faithful and the indifference to the popular verdict on the part of Synods as well as pre-election and post-election tactics were enough by themselves to threaten to shake any remnant of respect for the institution of the Church in the conscience of a large part of the faithful. Now, it is imperative that both the prelate and all those who supported him along with the rest of the Holy Synod work together to pick up whatever pieces are left.

Personally, I expect a lot from the new leadership of the Church of Cyprus. As a member of the Church but also as a Theological Educator, as well as a parent and participant in the commons, I have within me my own vision for my mother Church, for the mother who gave birth to me and nourishes me spiritually, the Church of Christ and my God. Alas, if the Church shut the mouths of her children and imposed censorship and terror, if she were still indifferent and resentful of the lust and miseries of her children, or even if she were even ignorant of what her children think and feel about her and Its founder. If this is so, then no one needs it except the few and "chosen", no one has a reason to be present and offer in it. I want to believe that this is not the case. That's why I'm expressing myself.

I want the leadership of the Church of Cyprus to define new goals and new destinations. I want the Church of Cyprus to become more simple and direct to the world. To speak the language of the world and especially the mother's language when she calms and reassures her hurt and beaten child, when he is disappointed and loses hope, when he is anxious and wants her company. I do not want the Church to speak either from a high place, or from a chair, whether academic or judicial. Do not use long-winded expressions and blunt words. I want her to speak, as Christ did then to His disciples and to the people who followed Him, when His popular manner provoked the aloof Pharisees, when His parable and consoling speech seduced even the smallest.

I want the Church to inspire love, kindness, prayer, wisdom, prudence, discernment and consistency. To remove everything foreign to her identity. Economics should be assigned to economists, social to sociologists, national to politicians, judicial to lawyers, construction to engineers and architects, business to experts, pedagogy and education to pedagogues, cultural to cultural functionaries, etc. K. It is not possible, nor should the respective superior, to pass judgment on everything scientific as an expert, omniscient and "enlightened". To be strictly limited to the essential and urgent needs of the Church's flock. And these are primarily spiritual and then charitable and social. And these alone are enough and supernumerary. At all costs, the lost trust of the faithful, especially the young, must be won back. To immediately restore the image of the Church, the example, the behavior and the examples of writing of its leaders and especially of its superior. To immediately restore her outwardly good testimony, her Christian and human face.

I want the Church of Cyprus today to finally listen to its essential pastoral problems and what its believers are experiencing. Because, it is a fact that more and more it is established and proven that many things, theological and pastoral, are unrelated and foreign in the Church of today, of now. May Christ be born once and for all in yesterday! E.g. to listen to the relationship of the faithful with the Mysteries of the Church and in general with Worship. For the governing Church to finally realize that it lives in the 21st and not the 1st century. A.D. To realize that the timetables, duration and language of the holy services are only helpful, not to the faithful. To investigate and properly weigh priorities among believers. To search and learn, what those who go to church experience and what does not attract those who are not used to it. To seriously and responsibly regulate the practical matters of Worship, performed and chanted. As God condescended and condescended and united with human nature, so the Church must move through Worship. To condescend, to come down from the high pedestal of her distant and aloof attitude and to give solutions and opportunities to the believers. Alternative proposals should be given and new ways of approach should be tested on so many other issues.

I want the moment to come one day, when I will refer to myself as a parent and educator in the Church of Cyprus to be proud and not accountable. I want the moment to finally come, when I will report without fear and passion for the Church of my Christ, without insecurities and reservations. I want my Church to be like Christ, "not to have a mole or a wrinkle or anything like that, but to be holy and unblemished" (Ap. Paul, To the Ephesians - Marriage Order). I constantly dream of a Church that will dare and take risks out of love and concern for its children. A Church that will not be afraid to fail, will not be afraid of having its waters disturbed, will not be afraid of losing what it has acquired. A Church that will only fear that it didn't try.

Giorgos Kyprianou, Theologian - Educator