I'm the Queen…

Article by the Municipal Councilor of Famagusta, Andrea Morfitis

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These lines are drawn with deep soul pain and endless rage on the eve that the conqueror Neosultan Erdogan will continue to advance and expand his invasion of the last part of the unfortunate and unfortunate city of Evagoras, Queen Famagusta.

These days are days of despair, despair and unlimited anger and indignation, not only because the deep state of Turkey with its established spokesman in Cyprus plan and implement the fall and the last hope for the return of the city to its legal inhabitants, but also for all those who today hypocritically tear their robes mourning the loss of Famagusta, are those who watched sometimes with apathy and inactivity and sometimes with spasmodic, superficial and superficial reactions its outright outburst. .

The tragic journey of the enclosed city of Famagusta is already recorded in the history of the city and is looking for culprits, accomplices, causes and culprits.

  • 13 / 1 / 2015: Turkey, through the American Ambassador to Cyprus John Koening, urges the people of Famagusta to start thinking about the return of their city under Turkish rule.
    And no one reacted.
  • 28 / 7 / 2015: The interlocutor Mr. Andreas Mavrogiannis informs a delegation of the Municipality of Famagusta - in which the author also participated - that the return of the fenced part of Famagusta will be part of the overall settlement of the Cyprus problem and regardless of the priority given to 550/1984 votes / 789 of the UN .. And no one disagreed, except me.
  • July 2017: The Turks open - experimentally - the beach of Agios Memnon in Famagusta for use by Turkish officers.

And everyone remained apathetic.

  • 3 / 8 / 2017: Kudret Ozersay brings up to date the issue of opening the enclosed city of Famagusta.
    And we declared with criminal innocence that these are bluffs and tactical games
    (Mayor of Famagusta Alexis Galanos - Politis Newspaper 3/8/2017).
  • 12 / 11 / 2018: With the consent of the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, the roadblock-tunnel opens next to the opened beach of Agios Memnon.

And most applauded for the έ reunification of our island!

  • 2 / 9 / 2019: Kudret Ozersay opened a looted hotel in Famagusta for a conference on the use of the fenced city by the Turks.
    And we kept quiet fish.
  • 8 / 10 / 2020: The Turks invade the fenced city celebrating with Turkish flags.

And we were theorizing.

  • 5 / 11 / 20: The new Sultan of Ankara organized the famous picnic on the beach of Famagusta.
    We also stayed in our homes, preaching the restrictive measures of the pandemic, while at the same time thousands of T / Cs led by Mustafa Akinci were protesting in the streets of occupied Nicosia.
  • June 2021: After all these chills of the conquerors and their settlers in Cyprus, and while a few days remain before Erdogan's visit on 20/7/21, everyone has woken up from the deep slumber of their indifference and happiness.

Others to protest the looming final fall of the city and others to… distribute responsibilities to everyone else!

I ask boldly and everyone owes an answer. Not to me but to History. During all these tragic seven years, where have the political leaders of all parties, apart from the parties, sought or suggested specific measures to stop or thwart Turkish plans?

Where were the so-called MPs hidden, especially in Famagusta, and when did they raise the issue for discussion in the House of Representatives?

Where was the Famagusta Municipal Council to demand from the political leaderships and other state authorities to draw up a comprehensive plan and strategy for the rescue - even of the fenced part of the city as provided by the UN resolutions and decisions? and the EU?

Where were the people in charge of the Legal Service of the Republic to advise, inform and advise the people of Famagusta, either about the consequences of appealing to the so-called "Compensation Committee" of the occupiers, or about the consequences of their possible submission to the challenges to return down by Turkish administration?

What work did our MEPs produce to prevent the continuous and successive accomplishments that took place successively, mainly from 2015 onwards?

Through the ruins of our inadequate manipulations we weep today and tear our clothes for the last act of the drama of the abandoned city of Evagoras.

We are all in a state of panic to deal within a few days with what we had to deal with within 7 consecutive years.

The tragedy of Famagusta was elaborately played by the Erdogan troupe with accomplices of T / C leaders and with ordinary spectators all of us who either whistled indifferently or sold cheap slogans and trivial populism.

Let the Erinyes and the ghosts of our beloved birthplace chase you the causes, guilty and accomplices of either the silence or the tolerance of the evolutionary drama of the Queen.

Tragic aspects of this tragedy are described in dozens of my articles of the last decades as well as in my many fruitless interventions in the Municipal Council of Famagusta which I will submit in time.

For the righteous and the unrighteous!

Andreas Morfitis, Municipal Councilor of Famagusta