"For them, the association of the Kouloufs with Famagusta, looks like sacrilege, they call us Kotsinochorka"

"I am also from Varos and Paralimni and Agianapitis and Deryneiotis and Frenaritis and Sotirkatis and Avgoritis and Liopetritis and Asierkotis and Vrysouliotis. I am from Famagusta!" - Article by Lawyer Andreas Pittatzis

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By Andreas Pittatzis:

They wear checkered scarves on the lapel of their expensive suit. They drink espresso in a busy cafe and gaze at the dark sand of Limassol. Next to them are some magnificent buildings that scratch the sky, in the inauguration of which sat the first official table.

The echo of the waves of Varos still echoes in their ears. For them, the development of Free Famagusta was a consequence of Attila and that without Attila we would still be ragged villagers and perishables. That is why when they talk about us, they can not even utter the word Famagusta. To them, the association of the kouloufs with the city seems like sacrilege. In our economy they call us kotsinochorka.

They were told that the Municipalities are united. But enjoying their espresso next to the black sand of Limassol, they can not imagine that the newly rich can gain strength. Their idea seems treacherous. Because they want to raise the banners of Famagusta in the canopy of their impressive buildings. Because they want, holding the banners, to enter the Ministries, the Presidencies, the Parties and to arrange their selfish interests. Preface to Varosi. The pretext is the refugee. If the villagers unite, then they will stop having the first say in the chairs of the church officials.

That's why they found a oligo-minded dragon that can be exploited and some ambitious ones whose thighs can be dulled. They were "told" that the union of the Province would circumvent their power, budgets and interests. They convinced them. And they persuaded them to raise the flag of the fratricidal revolution. They started cursing Paralimni, Deryneia. To want their own ghetto. Some who used to be romantic also said "mea culpa"…

I have other sufferings now and injustices to face. That's why I kept my mouth shut. But my lips are damned. And seeing all these hats I can no longer remain apathetic. Because they took off the masks. They showed us what really matters to them. And it is not the well-being of the citizens of our anchored province. But maintaining the status quo. The continuation of categorization of the mutilated Province as rural. With 2 floors. With low rates. With seasonal tourism. Beggars who eat from the leftovers of the three-course tables of the other Provinces.

The Municipality of Famagusta to deal with the refugees. Not even with our contributors. Not even with our associations. Nor with the future of ours and our children. The flag of Famagusta does not wave at the skyscrapers of Limassol but in its Province.

I am also Varosiotis and Paralimnitis and Agianapitis and Deryneiotis and Frenaritis and Sotirkatis and Avgoritis and Liopetritis and Asierkotis and Vrysouliotis. I am from Famagusta!

Andreas Pittatzis, Lawyer