"Ioanna is beautiful and we must remind her every day"

The much-praised trial continues - Significant developments after the testimony of the 40-year-old. Article: Michalis Antoniou

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Article: Michalis Antoniou

The much-praised trial continues today, for the attack with vitriol, with the victim Ioanna Paliospyrou.

Important was the testimony of the 40-year-old the day before yesterday, which is said to have been the prey, as the perpetrator Efi believed.

The woman, who was watching Ioanna with a wig under extreme secrecy and unbelievable method, and after hearing the paper-thrower say to her "take this vitriol and melt her berry" said with audacity to a thousand monkeys to Ioanna that "she knows very well why everything happened this".

The testimony of the 40-year-old was somewhat "redemptive" for Ioanna, as he stated that he met Ioanna Paliospyrou for the first time in court, while they had an occasional love affair with the perpetrator, stating characteristically that it never started and never really ended.

The obsessive Efi appeared in court apathetic, unrepentant, while an expert described her as a person who could commit many crimes.

The psychiatrist who monitors Ioanna, stated that for the first time she met a man without a face, and she fights to prevent suicidal thoughts, since Ioanna herself has covered the mirror of her house, so that she does not see her face. And this is what we all need to remind her of. That Ioanna is more beautiful than ever. Behind the specially shaped mask she wears, her eyes testify to her beauty. And we will have to tell her again and again until she consolidates it!