The reform of the Local Government and the province of Famagusta

By Andreas Oikonomou, former Deputy Mayor of Paralimni

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By Andreas Oikonomou *:

The government and the Parliament agreed that they will proceed at a very fast pace in the discussion and voting of the bills for the Local Self-Government.

Basic principles and arguments for this reform are:

  1. The number of Municipalities must be significantly reduced, with mergers of Municipalities and Communities. The studies that were done showed and it is accepted by all that only in this way the Municipalities will become financially viable.
  2. The services offered to the citizens will be improved without increasing taxes.
  3. Combining services will save resources that can be allocated to social welfare and culture.

For the free Province of Famagusta, the creation of three Municipalities and the clustering of two communities is being discussed very intensively. That is, the above, especially for our Province do not apply?

It should also be mentioned that for our Province the Local Plan of Kokkinochorion has been published since last October and a Plan for the Municipalities of Deryneia, Paralimni and Ayia Napa has been prepared. It is obvious that this happened because the Municipalities of Deryneia, Paralimni and Ayia Napa and respectively Kokkinochoria have common urban characteristics. It is also a fact that one Local Plan complements the other.

In the case of the creation of three Municipalities, we will have the Municipality of Ayia Napa-Sotira-Liopetri under creation to manage parts of the two Local Plans, the Municipality of Deryneia itself, the Municipality of Paralimni one part and the two Communities a small part. It is obvious that in this case the new entities will operate competitively and weakened, with the result that nothing is done.

The next thirty years by whom and for whom the elaboration and improvement of the Local Plans will be done when "one will pull the skin and the other the tomari".

Who will be responsible for the development in our Province? Are there any bureaucrats in Nicosia?

So, one has to wonder? Who and why want our Province divided, isolated and weakened?

Why in our Province will logic be set aside and to serve whom?

I can not imagine that the parties are thinking of creating three Municipalities, for political benefit.

According to what was analyzed above, it is obvious that in our Province only a single Municipality should be created, which includes the four existing Municipalities and the villages of the hinterland.

Only in this way our region will move forward because the tourist area needs the villages and vice versa.

That is why I am sure that the parties in the Parliament together with the government will decide for our Province with the same criteria that they will decide for the other areas.

Andreas Oikonomou, former Deputy Mayor of Paralimni