Climate of "civil" war for the second time without vaccines. They are looking for ways to convince young people

Opinion article by Michalis Antoniou

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By Michalis Antoniou

Developments are cataclysmic after the outbreak of cases observed in recent days in our country, with the government trying in every way to find incentives to vaccinate young people, as the attendance rate of the age group 20-30 is extremely high. low levels. The abolition of free rapid tests is also considered important as one would characterize it as a "tripod" decision for the unvaccinated.

Karagianni's statements provoke the anger of thousands of citizens, as he constantly points out that "if we continue like this, long live we were burned", while shortly before the elections the number of cases was very low, a fact that aroused the curiosity of a large portion of people. At one point, bad luck was happening in clubs and restaurants. However, the reduced number of cases after the celebrations of the Omonia and Anorthosis fans is questionable.

Veil of mystery surrounding the death of the 42-year-old after a thromboembolic event…

At the time when the authorities are looking for motives to vaccinate the young people, a 42-year-old woman loses her life, after a thromboembolic event with her death, spreading endless grief to relatives and friends, as according to our reliable information, the young woman did not have any medical history. It is noted that the death of the unfortunate 42-year-old woman is not an isolated incident, as in Cyprus there were other deaths from the coronavirus vaccine.

They "bribe" to vaccinate young people…

In a desperate attempt to vaccinate young people, the PD made announcements, giving honorary licenses and granting safepass indoors, only to those who have been vaccinated, trying to narrow the circle around the unvaccinated, while at the same time Greece, the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, "pioneers", giving a voucher worth 150 €, at a time when Greece is being tested by the financial crisis for years, and with salaries being below the bottom! Getting paid to get vaccinated is unheard of and the least ridiculous!

Tension between vaccinated and unvaccinated…

A second wave of "conflict" is observed again between vaccinated and unvaccinated people with the insults giving and receiving on social media, while those isolating them and the corresponding. It is equally sad that several families are at the "knives" for this issue.

They tried but were not convinced…

In the meantime, with the government's proposals coming into force, thus believing that people will be convinced, quite the opposite has happened. They failed once again, giving incentives that are for laughs and cries! It is also noteworthy that they "shut up" to doctors who have the opposite opinion. People from both sides of the world want documented data. This. How difficult is it to understand?