About rape - The deeper side

Article by George Kyprianou

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Written by George Kyprianou *

Rape has always been a great disgraceful cancer of human society, a diseased abscess. Unfortunately, as the years go by, the incidents increase. Each time the mind is resentful and frustrated at hearing the news, confessing the perversion of man, because that is what it is about. But let us dig a little deeper and dare to see reality as it is.

First of all, rape, starring the male, usually stems from the inability of man to separate sexuality from morality, to be able to curb with his logic, as much as his instincts and impulses and to manage them accordingly and appropriately. A man without logic, he is very dangerous. How much more unethical. Uncontrolled. And most importantly, the great father of our Church, St. Gregory Palamas said about it. "Mind gar apostas of God, either beastly becomes or demonic".

Public opinion always on hearing a report of rape, individual, group or organized, erupts in rage and anger and unjustly and ruthlessly asks for the head of the rapist on the table. However, other voices are heard that provoke the reaction of most. Voices that speak of the provocative appearance of women and generally the intense sexuality in the field of fashion. Personally, even though I do not give any alibi or any alleviation to any rapist, I still have to admit that the problem is quite deep, and I explain.

When the whole world empire of lifestyle, fashion, appearance and especially of women, small, medium and big screen has been set up in sexuality, in the idolization of the human body, in the exposure of woman as a sexy symbol, the discount of love in sex, of beauty in sexual provocation, of the expression of the erotic relationship strictly and only in the erotic encounter, when the other sex is not perceived as a person, as an idea, as a person, as an image of God we do not even discuss it, but instead as a means of satisfaction, filtered through thousands upon thousands of images and videos of erotic content in all kinds of media, rape as news is just the tip of the iceberg.

As much as we are frightened by the cases of practical rape, we should be more and more anxious about the cases of rape through the mind, thought and imagination for decades. When today's young man, out of soft nails, easily comes in contact with all kinds of erotic performances, from simple street advertisements with women in erotic mood and attire to place car tires and chocolates, constantly seeing on social media known and unknown women of all ages to show off their bodily erotic skills, giving the feeling, unwittingly of course, of the urge to have sex, when from home, school, in groups most comments, jokes, teasing, swearing and vocabulary have sexual content , how not to idealize in his mind his sexual relaxation in any female, how not to set as a goal of life and a trophy to celebrate any of his sexual success? How many times have the young people and adults of modern society not mentally raped countless female figures in our minds and imaginations? After all, this is how Christ meant it "whoever sees a woman with desire, has already committed adultery in his heart." (According to Matthew 5,28:XNUMX)

Personally, I do not want to justify the unjustified. Nor should I place any responsibility on the victims of rape. Get rid of the curse! Practical rape like a diseased abscess in the body hides behind a whole pathogenesis. And we have to cure her, in addition to the prolapses. Education, Church, State, Politics, ensembles and organizations must set as their main goal the education of young people and all citizens in general, primarily morally. Instead of focusing on whether or not to introduce sex education in schools, it would be more beneficial to develop a more transgender than purely sex education course. To learn to respect one's fellow man first as a person and then as a gender, as a personality and then as a partner, etc. The benefits would be more important. Because rape is not just practical.

* George Kyprianou, Teacher - President of the Cultural Association ROMIOSYNI