The γιατί "whys" Karagiannis for testing in vaccinated and the "unbalanced factors" for a third dose

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By Michalis Antoniou

Dr. Petros Karagiannis expressed his belief that he does not see the measure for the mandatory tests in vaccinated people being applied, speaking on the show Protoselido.

The head of the scientific team said that this may happen to people who come in contact with vulnerable groups, while he also spoke about a third dose of vaccine due to "many unbalanced factors".

The publication that "F" brought to light about the obligatory tests on vaccinated people, provoked a storm of reactions with many people asking "did I get the vaccine to do a test?"

After succeeding with a thousand and two tricks and sowing discord in people, without scientifically explaining that the vaccinated person can get sick, yes with a much lower viral load, but can also transmit, some organisms can get seriously ill.

We do not understand that this paranoia of asking someone if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated can only be catastrophic, since unfortunately we are all potential victims either.

Now regarding the third dose that Dr. Karagiannis says would be good to do due to… many unbalanced factors, let them first explain to the world in a simple and unambiguous way what these factors are.

Moreover, research shows that the effectiveness of pfizer and moderna vaccines decreases over time, according to scientific studies.

The only sure thing is that in this fight we must all be allies and not opponents!