Eventually it crashes from everywhere…

We have the parliament we deserve! - Article by Michalis Antoniou

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* By Michalis Antoniou

A few 24 hours passed after the parliamentary elections, which had little of everything. A little thriller, a little suspense, but also a little comedy.

I was waiting for the final result to write what I was thinking during the pre-election period.

DISY is a big winner in terms of percentages, with Averoff stating that they will roll up their sleeves from the very next day to achieve the coveted change.

For the first time in our history, we were completely disappointed by the party leaders, except for Karoyan, who stated that DIPA entered parliament to stay.

In an attempt to persuade, DIKO made a pre-election spot starring Makis who insisted on talking to the PD, as he said he was a voter of the ruling party, but the President was busy, as one was missing in the Seychelles, the other had to deal with the Al Jazeera case, which uncovered the gold passport scandal. In the end, Makis only managed to remind us of the corruption in Cyprus and the scandals that prevail, and that at the end of the day he voted DIPA!

Shortly afterwards, the Giannaki scandal followed, which built his career with fake degrees, and which assured us once again that the bottom has no limits!

Shortly after the elections came Christofias' statements to ELAM that he should have been in prison with Christou returning fire.

Of course, the large percentage of abstentions showed once again the frustration of the people as well as their mistake, believing that they will be punished as their tolerance reached the limits.

In the end, the only ones who managed to punish us were ourselves. So many young people applied, and we remained attached to them, ultimately failing that in Cyprus it is coming from everywhere.

We are also to blame for this. Because we ask for change and we do not claim it just by chatting with each other about the prevailing situation. That is why it would be unfair if we constantly complain about corruption, entanglement, hunger, financial misery.

We finally have the parliament we deserve!