Dr. Michalis Zouvanis answers ten different questions (Interview)

The Pathologist - Endocrinologist Dr. Michalis Zouvanis is a candidate for the Mayorship of the Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia. Read the interview he gave to Famagusta.News

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Candidate for the Municipality of the Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia, which will include the municipal departments of Paralimni, Deryneia, Frenarou and Acheritou-Vrysoulla, is the Pathologist - Endocrinologist Dr. Michalis Zouvanis, who answered ten… different questions about his candidacy in Famagusta.News:

Why did you decide to stand as a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections?

The decision to get involved in Local Government (LA) issues was indeed difficult for me, due to my professional status as a doctor. However, the great love I have for the place where I was born and grew up, my concerns for the future of our children, but also the problems of the citizens' everyday life, alongside the strong interest I have always had for Local Government, pushed me to I am taking the big step and becoming a candidate for mayor of the newly established Municipality of Paralimni-Deryneia, which includes the communities of Frenaros and Acheritos-Vrysoulos-Agios Georgios. The reform of the TA was also an additional incentive since it offers possibilities for greater progress, alongside the prospect of uniting the apartments. A desirable project would be to create a Municipality in Free Famagusta, but I am sure that together we will succeed under the existing Law.

How would you summarize your vision in one sentence?

Immediate improvement of the citizens' everyday life with the simultaneous start of the creation of the future.

What differentiates you as a candidate from your fellow candidates?

Each candidate has his own characteristics and ideas that make him unique. I worked as a doctor for more than 30 years, having daily friction with the world and its problems. I never stopped being an active citizen and always had information and an opinion on the issues that concern the local community. I have a lot of experience in foreign countries and I know how the European allocation of funds works, which we need so much for development purposes. Finally, I have a great love and weakness for the place where I was born and raised, which probably applies to all my fellow candidates!

Which slogan have you chosen and why?

My motto is "Clean and reliable! We improve the Present, we create the Future" The slogan characterizes me as a person, since in my life, due to my profession, I have always acted cleanly and reliably. At the same time, I want to reinforce my belief that while I will immediately focus on improving today, I want to start planning the future for our children at the same time.

What are the first two things you would change once elected?

The first thing I would change is the way of serving the citizens. This can be achieved through the full digitization of all City services, which is included in our program. The second concerns the creation of the mentality of a single Municipality in the entire population. This is not so much a change of an existing problem as an introduction of a new issue concerning the reform, but at the same time it touches on the up to now mentality of the citizens in the different departments, which needs to change for the better.

What are the first two things you would not change but upgrade once elected.

The first thing that needs upgrading is the road network, including sidewalks. All the apartments in the new Municipality have similar problems. The second thing that needs upgrading is the cleanliness and landscaping, which without a doubt can be greatly improved.

If you were to choose the two most important priorities of your election program, what would they be?

I consider that all the points I mention in my pre-election program are equally important. If I have to choose two of them, I would choose the green policy, including the municipal solar park and the creation (coming) of a university in the area. I think the latter can be combined with the versatile cultural center.

Do you think that the reform of Local Government is moving in the positive direction or not? What would you change to make it even better?

Without a doubt the reform of Local Government was necessary and in my opinion should have been done a long time ago. It provides the possibility of further development, can lead to the saving of resources through the circular economy and gives the possibility of shrinking services to a large extent. The creation of municipalities with larger populations increases the chances of absorbing European funds for the creation of infrastructure and generally increases the specific weight of each new municipality separately. Regarding changes, I will mention that my wish was to create a smaller number of Municipalities. For example the free Famagusta should have been a municipality. Nevertheless, the decisions of the Parliament are respected and we will proceed with what we have. More changes are likely to become necessary through the implementation of this model, so we have to wait.

What two development projects would you seek to implement if elected?

I believe that all the projects that I have made public in my program are important and necessary for the progress of this Municipality. But since you ask for two I will refer to them. The first one that is important and can be easily implemented in one term is the creation of the municipal photovoltaic park, which concerns green policies with a direct benefit to the citizen. The other thing that is important is the attraction of a university faculty to our area, with the corresponding infrastructures that concern it, such as the versatile cultural center.

What is your message to your fellow citizens?

The message to my fellow citizens is the enormous importance of the Local Government elections. They concern both the present and the future, especially our children. So I want to ask them to go to the polls and vote. There they must choose the right people who will be able to cooperate and take the new Municipality forward. Without prejudice, localism and old fashioned approaches they should vote based on the quality of the candidates and nothing else. Only in this way will we build a single model Municipality, for the good of our children.