Kyriakos Joachim answers ten different questions

Kyriakos Joakim will be a candidate for the Municipal Council of Paralimni

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Kyriakos Joakim will be a candidate in the upcoming elections of June 9 for the Municipal Council in the Municipal District of Paralimni with the combination of the Democratic Alarm, while he has the experience of already being a member of the Municipal Council in the existing Municipal Council. On the occasion of the upcoming local government elections, he answered ten different questions posed to him by Famagusta.News.

1. Why did you decide to stand as a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections?

Claiming a position in the new Municipal Council, especially under the new circumstances of the local government reform, stems from the sense of responsibility that is born, that we owe Paralimni to remain strong. Due to the partial uncertainty that exists from the risks that the reform entails, we must protect and ensure that this transition is smooth and on a solid basis. Also, we must claim for our Municipality those things that will evolve it into a new Municipality, modern and exemplary. That's why I put myself up for review because I believe I still have a lot to offer.

2. How would you summarize your vision in one sentence?

Paralimni is and will remain one of the important gears of development and progress of our Free Province and this will continue even with the reform. Therefore, I do not hide my vision that for a strong Free Province of Famagusta, we need an even stronger Paralimni that will push our entire free Province to progress and development. With a vision, plan and method, we must provide our citizens with a Paralimni and a new municipality that will respond immediately and productively to the demands of the world.

3. What differentiates you as a candidate from your fellow candidates?

The experience I have gained, in connection with my professional training, the perspicacity and methodicalness with which I try to deal with everything concerning our country, make me believe that I still have a lot to offer and that is why I am present. Of course there are capable people who are running for office and I hope that the new Municipal Council will be made up of people with vision and knowledge so that we can work together for the good of our country.

4. Which slogan have you chosen and why?

The motto I chose is experience, knowledge and consistency. I humbly consider that I correspond to these characteristics and they express me in the absolute. Of course, the people will judge in the elections of June 9 all that the candidates for each position adopt as slogans or agendas.

5. What are the first two things you would change once elected?

The previous Municipal Council produced quite a bit of work. Not that it's satisfactory. After all, there will always be room for improvement. Clearly there are areas that may have been neglected or projects that were not immediately put into motion due to expediencies that would significantly upgrade our place. In the same direction we must work collectively, to promote improvement projects for the place and its people. I note that in addition to the projects that will help the promotion of the Municipality and the development of the standard of living, we must provide the Citizens with direct access to the services of the Municipality and immediate information, through the digitization of the services of the Municipality.

6. What are the two things you would not change but upgrade once elected?

The improvement of the road network must rise even higher on the agenda. Despite the creation of new roads especially in Protaras which significantly decongest the road network, however the road network in the center of Paralimni needs improvement and I am sure that with the creation of the Square it will be high on the priorities of the new Municipal Council. More emphasis on environmentally friendly policies is still something that needs to be promoted more massively. According to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, it envisages the enlargement of sidewalks and the reduction of the existing width of the road surface in order to promote better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists to be able to practically use these infrastructures. This is how we encourage citizens to use an alternative mode of transportation. We apply European culture to our country and help in the green transition. There are many other programs that must be promoted like Smart Cities.

7. If you were to choose the two most important priorities of your pre-election program, what would they be?

First of all, I believe that Paralimni's burning desire and need is the creation of the square in the center of the city and the paving of the area in order to unify the area from the City Hall to Agia Marina, to enlarge the city center, giving its citizens the right to enjoy of a modern square. Also, another priority of mine that I believe will benefit Paralimni is the creation of a Municipal Garden within the urban fabric of the city, giving citizens a way out of everyday life and greening Paralimni.

8. Do you think that the reform of local government is moving in a positive direction or not? What would you change to make it even better?

I believe that local government reform is necessary. It makes no sense for such a small place as our Cyprus to have so many municipalities. With the new reform, municipalities gain more autonomy, power and responsibilities. The new Municipalities will have direct access to projects and funds directly from the central State, but also to competitive European programs. The local government acquires its own autonomy for the first time. With a specific structure and self-maintenance, it directly supervises for the first time the well-being of its own citizens. This is why the new Municipal Council needs knowledge and experience. Obviously, not every change will be perfect. There will be imperfections and/or mistakes which we will be asked to deal with soberly away from expediency. And I am sure that if there is cooperation, responsibility and logic prevails, we will be able as a new Municipality to cope, to overcome any difficulties that may appear and to lay the foundations for the development of our region.

9. What two development projects would you seek to implement if elected?

Undoubtedly, my priority is in Education. First with the establishment of a university. It is imperative to continue efforts to bring a University to our Province. Well, Famagusta Hospital could be turned into a University Hospital. Our Hospital and its staff have proven their quality and professionalism even during the Corona virus. Therefore, I believe that it is ready to support any evolution of it as a University Hospital. Furthermore, years of efforts paid off, managing to claim and implement a permanent request for the creation of a 2nd Gymnasium in Paralimni. This will quantitatively decongest the existing High School and reduce the traffic problem. Hopefully, it wasn't until Friday 17/05 that the tenders for finding a group of scholars to design the school were announced.

10. What is your message to your fellow citizens?

The common love for our country. With this in mind and knowing that I can continue to fight as I have always done in my dealings with the public, honest and far from expediency, I can contribute and help our country in the new challenges!

Kyriakos Joakim will be a candidate for the Municipal Council of Paralimni with the combination of the Democratic Alert in no. 2. (Ballot color white).