XYLOFAGOU: 26-year-old Styliana Katsiari praises woman through painting

The painter Styliana Katsiari, on the occasion of Women's Day, talks to Famagusta.News about women, sexism and feminism.

Anonymous 45 x 20 cm 1200 x 675 px 34 paintings, Styliana Katsiari

Η Styliana Katsiari is a 26-year-old painter who has always had the need to capture her thoughts and feelings. The way was found and today he is a painter since he has graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of Northwestern Macedonia, in Florina without ever putting down her brushes.

She has presented her personal work in two solo exhibitions in Greece and in several group exhibitions both in Greece and in Cyprus, she collaborates with the ARC - Art Revisited Collective of 2018 while her works belong to private collections in Cyprus and abroad. 

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Its object? Human.

An object that needs a lot of study and observation. 

On the occasion of International Women's Day March 8, Styliana Katsiari speaks at FamagustaNews and Andri Flourentzou, for social issues that plague us and for the art she creates inspired by them.

At a critical juncture to confront sexism art can contributeOr according to Styliana Katsiari, "the art has always been a carrier of messages, whatever they may be. "Sexism has been an expression of expression through art for hundreds of years, especially by women artists who for many years lived under a regime that allowed them to be the work of art but not the artist."

Taste of the ocean oil on canvas 60x80cm 2021 scaled painting, Styliana Katsiari

Taste of the ocean

Styliana said that sexism is something you find very easily even these days, to add that she also belongs to the women who have suffered it, which has been inspiration for her and has used it to create paintings. Beyond sexism, aformulates various social issues through her artistic gaze that aim at the viewer's empathy. 

1styliana katsiari the refreshing touch scaled painting, Styliana Katsiari

The refreshing touch

StylianaKatsiariAbsentTogether scaled painting, Styliana Katsiari


The imprint of the woman symbolizes the divinity and the worship of it. Projects of Styliana Katsiari, wants to give more depth and perspective to the aesthetic pleasures of the viewer, while in many of her works one can receive the message that implies and finally manages to send the artist and it is nothing more according to her, than the equality.

When she chooses her art to deal with women, female nature, equality, diversity, comments, criticism and admiration for her works come and go, positively and negatively, without being something that stops her . She only follows hers συναισθήματα and creates.

Limitless Identities scaled painting, Styliana Katsiari

Limitless Identities

When Styliana Katsiari was asked if she believed in the inclusion of feminism, what she said was that "is it is necessary to include any kind of individuality in feminism. The movement represents and must represent all women and all those who are oppressed and deprived of basic rights. "

Metamorphosis oil on canvas 80x60cm 2021jpg scaled painting, Styliana Katsiari


StylianaKatsiariLetsDreamTogether scaled drawing, Styliana Katsiari


For the 26-year-old, talented artist, Styliana Katsiari, Women's Day withIt is just a reminder of the importance of a woman, of her achievements, but also of what she can achieve. He also emphasizes that the woman and everything she does, everything she offers is worthy of admiration every day and not just every March 8th.