10 wonderful outfits for the spring of 2022 that every woman over 40 is worth trying on

Spring outfits confuse the two sexes, as they do not know how to dress properly so that they neither get hot nor cold.

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Spring outfits confuse the two sexes, as they do not know how to dress properly so that they neither get hot nor cold.

Spring Outfits: From a YouTuber over 40

YouTuber Fashion + Style Edit in the following video gives a little of its stylistic experience and makes a capsule spring proposal with more than 10 outfits, so that we can copy without fear or get ideas and make our own image that will leave behind the heavy cold for the lightest chill of the season.

Spring outfits: Suggestions for the right outfit for this season

Skinny jeans in classic blue, with a white shirt, black vest which this year is one of the hottest pieces, a shoulder bag and ankle boots.

On the same base we take off the vest, wear a camel sweater and change the color of the bag, add one to the colors of the sweater.

We change pants, wear a wider and washed with black T-Shirt and white sneakers. The gold pendant is a must.

On this outfit we add a spring black jacket, in a military line with white stripes, and a gray Birkin type bag.

On the same base, take off the sneakers and the military jacket and add black, classic heels and a gray oversized jacket.

We change pants and wear black skinny jeans, with brown leather boots on the outside of the pants, a brown shirt and a shoulder bag.

On the same outfit we add the black vest from the first outfit.

We take off the brown shirt and the brown boots and wear a white, mohair sweater and black ankle boots. Add the military jacket we saw above and the Birkin bag.

We take off the black ankle boots and wear white sneakers and an oversized and long jacket.

We completely change our style and wear a satin kimono dress with blue flowers with brown boots and a brown belt in the middle.

We take off the brown boots, wear black lower ones and put a black, knitted cardigan over the dress.

We are wearing the first skinny jeans again, in classic blue, with a black T-Shirt, gold pendants, black boots and an oversized mantle with beautiful knitting.

We take off the mantle and wear a perfecto leather with the knitted black cardigan that we had seen again, worn over the leather - a smart stylistic crotch.


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