9 easy exercises to strengthen your muscles and get rid of back pain once and for all

Back exercises will help you strengthen that part of your body and relieve any pain you have.

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Back exercises will help you strengthen that part of your body and relieve any pain you have.

Back exercises: Relieve pain and reduce the risk of injury

Low back pain is a very common problem that occurs in people of all ages. It is due to poor posture or muscle weakness, with the result that back training automatically relieves low back pain and reduces the risk of injury.

It may seem difficult to exercise a sore part of the body. But it can help you to stop the problematic symptoms. Here are some simple exercises that really work!

Knee-chest stretches

Start on your back with your knees bent, then pull one knee toward your chest, one at a time. Finally bring both knees to your chest at the same time and tighten your abs, keeping your spine down on the floor in the right position.

Thigh stretches

Thighs can sometimes affect the health of your back. The best way to perform this exercise is to be on your back with one leg extended and the other leg pressed against the body. With a strap, pull the leg closer to the chest for a deeper stretch.

Butterfly pose

The butterfly posture is for stretching and strengthens the back muscles. Sit on the floor, and bend your knees and bring your legs together. Turn down and try to extend your knees to the floor, inhaling and holding this position for at least 30 seconds.


Start with your knees bent. Keep your feet on the floor and lift your hips in the air. The shoulders and head should remain on the ground.

Pigeon stand

This is the attitude of yoga. Sit with your right knee bent and your left leg extended. Then stretch upwards and let your body bend slightly in the stretch.

Feet on the wall

This simple exercise is effective for the lower back. First, have your back on the ground and your buttocks against the wall, then move your legs up and maintain that position.

Back rotations

This will relax the tight muscles of your back. First, lie down, pull your knees and start rotating them from side to side. Make this move slowly to avoid injuries.