Frost damage claims application opened - All information

Who are the beneficiaries?

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From the 23/03/2022 applications are accepted, Injury Statements, for damages caused by frost in plantations Spring potatoes II and III, with planting date 1/12/2021 - 15/02/2022 and in plantations under seasonal vegetables.

The Damage Statement forms for the Revised National Framework can be found at the offices of the Famagusta District Agricultural Office, as well as in the thematic section "Risk Management Plan".

Owners, tenants or managers of affected farms are invited to submit the duly completed Damage Statement form no later than April 6, 2022 at the District Agricultural Office of Famagusta.

In case the beneficiary due to force majeure, is unable to submit the Injury Statement within the deadline, it can be submitted through a Representative and in exceptional cases via fax (FAX) or e-mail (email). However, in these cases the original Injury Statement must be submitted as soon as possible for it to be considered valid.
FAX: 23731071 , Email:

The relevant form should clearly state the details of the plot (as shown in the Declaration of Hectarian Subsidies) and the details of the crop (planting date, variety and area per variety) that has been affected. The form must be accompanied by a copy of the Application for External Subsidies to the KOAP for 2021.

According to the Law on Risk Management in Agricultural Production and Related Issues 2019 (103 I / 2019), in all cases of crops provided for the submission of a Crop Declaration, it must have already been submitted by those affected.

It is emphasized that in cases where the harvest will take place immediately, representative witnesses should be left, in consultation with the officials of the District Agricultural Office.

For additional information, interested parties are invited to contact the Famagusta District Agricultural Office at the following telephone numbers: 23812139, 23812133.

It is understood that according to Law 103 (I) / 2019, the right to aid has the manager of an agricultural holding, who has paid in advance his annual contribution, before the occurrence of any damage.