Name Day: Who is celebrating today, Friday, October 30th

Many and very special names are celebrating today

book 2619909 1920 celebration

Today, Friday 30 October, is a martyr of Agia Apollonia of the virgin, of Agios Asterios a martyr, of the saints Zenovios and Zenovias brothers, of the Apostle Cleopas, of the martyr St. Cronion, of the Hieromartyr Markian bishop of Syracuse and of the Apostle Tertius bishop of Ikonos. This means that celebrate the: Apollonia, Asterios, Asteris, Astrinos ,, Asterinos, Astrini, Astero, Asteria, Astroula, Asterini *, Zenovios, Zenovis, Zenos, Tzinos, Zenovia, Zina, Tzina, Tzina, Zelina, Cleopas, Cleopas, Cleopas Cleopia, Kronos, Kronion, Kronionas, Kronios, Kronia, Markianos, Markinos, Tertios, Tertos, Tertis, Tertinos, Tertia, Terta, Terti, Tertina. 

* There are other dates that celebrate these names. 

At the same time, today it is: 

International Orthopedic Nurses Day

Sunrise: 06: 49

Sunset: 17: 28

Duration of the day: 10 hours 39 minutes

Moon 13.7 days