Name Day: Who is celebrating today, Tuesday, November 8

Big celebration today...

Name Day / Unsplash

Today, Tuesday, November 8, is the Synaxis of the Archangels and Angels.

This means that the following:

  • Angeliki, Angela, Angie, Angela, Angelina, Angelos, Aggelis *
  • Gabriel, Gavril, Gavril, Gabriela, Gavrila, Gavrielitsa, Gavrilitsa, Arabela
  • Michael, Michelle, Michalis, Michalos, Michaelis, Michaela, Michaela, Michalista
  • Seraphim, Seraphim, Seraphim, Seraphine, Seraphim, Seraphimula, Seraphim *
  • Efstratia
  • Metaxia, Silky, Metaxoula, Taxoula
  • Raphaela, Raphaella, Raphaela, Raphaelia, Raphael, Raphael, Raphael *
  • Stamatis, Stamatios, Stamos, Stamoulis, Stamelos, Stamelis, Stamelas, Stamatia, Mata, Matoula, Matina, Stamatina, Stamata, Stamela, Stamoula, Stamati, Mato, Stamatella *
  • Strategos, Stratis, Stratigoula
  • Taxiarchis, Taxiarchoula

* There are other dates that celebrate this name.

Sunrise: 06:58 – Sunset: 17:19

Day length: 10 hours 21 minutes – 14.7 day Moon