Mother warns all parents: The remark to her husband who saved their baby from a traffic accident

An overprotective mother warns parents to properly install the child seat in the car and buckle up the baby

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A overprotective mother draws attention to parents to correctly place the child seat in the car and to fasten the baby with care and safety, so that they are sure that in the event of a collision it will not be in danger or, more correctly, it will be in as little danger as possible.

“My dear friends, let's talk about a topic that many of my relatives think I'm overprotective of: car seat safety.

Today was my first day back at work after maternity leave, so I told my husband to update me periodically on how our son, William, was doing in my absence.

The overprotective mother instructed her husband about the child's car seat

At noon, around 2.15, I got a text from my husband who was going out with our son. My response as an overprotective mom was to correct William's position at child seat– the belt straps were too loose and the clasp in the chest area was too low. And knowing my husband, I'm sure he was kidding me before tightening the belt and fixing the buckle.

At 2.30, my phone rang and I heard my panicked husband say, “Honey, we've had a car accident. We are fine but the car needs repair".

Dad and son were only 5km from our house when a female driver came through traffic and tried to make a quick left turn.

My husband didn't have enough time to stop - it could happen to anyone. He braked before colliding with the other car on the passenger side.

My son was so well strapped into his car seat that he didn't even wake up. Even at the time of the collision William felt a small jolt - so insignificant that he then continued to sleep and for the next 2 hours... he flirted with the nurses.

My husband was less lucky, he broke his leg in 3 places, dislocated 3 toes and we have to go back to the doctor to make sure he doesn't need surgery.

The car sucks, but cars can be replaced - my boys can't.'


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