Secrets to Avoid Ironing

Three clever tricks that will relieve you of a lot of trouble

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Our free time is limited enough to be wasted on boring chores such as ironing. If you take the right "steps" the ironing process can turn out to be so unnecessary and pointless, realizing that you have been dealing with it so meticulously for so long.

Here are three smart ways to avoid iron altogether or at least reduce it to a minimum.

Fold the clothes immediately after drying

Of the unbreakable rules you should always apply for less ironing. As soon as you take the clothes out of the dryer, you should fold them immediately, as while they are still warm and they fold more easily and do not have time to wrinkle and wrinkle in the dryer. If you spread them on the clothesline, fold them carefully as soon as you pick them up to avoid the extra "wrinkles".

Do not dry them completely in the dryer

Try drying your clothes 80-90% in the dryer and then hang them until they are air-dried. This helps the clothes not to wrinkle and to be as easy to wear as possible.

Use a hair dryer

Hang the clothes on a hanger and with the hot air from the hair dryer blow on the creased areas. This method makes the wrinkling of the clothes less noticeable, while it is definitely easier than ironing.