The 3 rules of the "smart" housewife to put together the Easter table and the house on the go

Guests for dinner can make us spend a beautiful and relaxing evening, however, it will not continue as relaxed when

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The guests for food, they can make us spend a beautiful and relaxing evening, however, it will not continue as relaxed when they leave, since the house will have to be tidied up and the kitchen cleaned.

However, if there is a system, we can tidy up the house by tidying up the table and washing dishes and pots.

The guests leave, the chores in the kitchen come

Throw away what needs to be thrown away

Before you start carrying full dishes, overflowing glasses and crumpled napkins, do a broom business and throw away all the rubbish.

Select the food residues that will be stored, placing them in a taper and immediately put them in the refrigerator, so that you can get rid of this process, when the cleaning will be transferred to the strategic point "Kitchen».

Instead of throwing rubbish in the bin, you can take the bin to the bin. Bring a garbage bag near the table, keep it open and throw in everything that needs to be thrown away.

Collect dishes and glasses

The second step is to transfer all the dishes to kitchen, without food scraps, rubbish and other obstacles to fast dishwashing.

With a paper towel, clean each dish by tossing it on the spot in the trash bag. Put them all in stacks, depending on their size and transfer them to kitchen ready for washing.

Pour into a large jug what is contained in the half-full glasses, pour the contents into the sink and mix well. Then transfer the glasses to a tray to save time.

Boil a lot of water in your kettle, pour it together with AVA into the utensils you used for cooking and let the detergent and boiling water work. After a few minutes, the sponge will easily carry away burnt grease and other dirty traces that will have softened.

Instead of rushing to wash the dishes as soon as they are transported to kitchen, prefer to do the following: fill your sink with hot water, add an economical detergent that leaves no odors and stains, put dishes and cutlery in it and let them soak so that the grease dissolves and the stains disappear.

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