World Anti-LGBT Day - Why does it exist and what does it mean especially for 2022?

It is at the heart of the discussion and determines, along with its messages, which side of history each of us is on.

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Like today in 1990 the World Health Organization decided in a historic act to remove homosexuality from mental disorders. This means that 32 years ago, homosexual sexual orientation was considered by the international community as a form of disease, ie a disease!

Of course, many steps had been taken from the previous decades, such as in the 1970's when the American Psychiatric Society had made the relevant deletion, but that the WHO. it took until the '90s to decide.

This landmark date, then, was originally declared World Anti-Homophobia Day. A few years ago, for reasons of inclusion, along with homophobia, other phobias concerning lesbians, bisexuals, trans, queers and intersex people were added. That is, all the phobias that threaten this large and colorful community on the planet.

Are we done with that?

Did the criminalization of "conversion therapies" last week close the debate in Greece over whether it is a "disorder"? Of course not!

"Gender identity disorder" is still included in Greek law today as a reason for excluding citizens who wish to enter the security forces, the army as professionals, the Coast Guard, the fire brigade!

The famous Presidential Decree 11/2004 defining "skills" mentions in chapter I5 the term "psychosexual disorders, such as paraphilias and gender identity disorder".

All recruitment announcements in these public services still exclude transgender citizens today, considering them physically incompetent. I happen to know of a case of a transgender woman who, while passing all the tests, was finally "cut" due to this provision, last year.

But beyond our microcosm, let's see what it means to be LOATKI + today, in our wider neighborhood.

In Ukraine, there are transgender people who have been trapped in the country due to the war, as they had not legally recognized their gender identity, as a result of which they have been banned from leaving the country!

From the beginning of the war I was thinking of Kyiv, a city where one of the most important Prides in the world is organized, precisely because it is in the eye of the storm.

The Patriarch of Moscow even boldly stated that "pride is part of the cause of the war in Ukraine" !!!

Cyril, a former Putin's miner, said in a sermon that the Donbas conflict was about "rejecting the so-called values ​​offered today by those claiming world power" and that "the test of which side you stand on is whether the country is willing to organize gay pride parades. To enter the club of these countries it is necessary to have a gay pride parade. "Not to make a political statement that we are with you, but to make a gay parade," he said, adding: "And we know how people are resisting these demands and how this resistance is being suppressed by force."

This is a leading example of homophobic delirium that is organized, of course, around the humiliating conspiracy scenario of the "gay dictatorship". That there is a world domination, "neoclassical", which supposedly offends the divine rules, as perceived by every Cyril.

In this international climate, World Anti-LGBT Day is not just another "international day". It is at the heart of the discussion and determines, along with its messages, which side of history each of us is on, at the individual, collective, national and ecumenical level.