Peter and Paul: Great feast today - What the church shows with their embrace

Today, June 29, is the great feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul

Believers in the church (EUROKINISSI / BONIS CHRISTOS)

Today, June 29, is the great feast of the Apostles Petrou in the upcoming years, while Paul. This is not a simple celebration, as the rest of the saints' feasts are usually celebrated. In the embrace of the two apostles, as shown in their well-known image, the Church promoted the coupling of faith and works, in other words saw these apostles as a symbol and type of its tradition.

There was, and still is among some heretics, the view that the leading apostles follow different traditions and they express different theologies: the apostle Peter - they say - emphasizes the works as a way of salvation, a fact that is more related to the Jewish tradition, and the apostle Paul mainly emphasizes the faith, so he is the groundbreaker and the true Christian. Peter was seen by many as a model of the theology of Roman Catholicism, which indeed overemphasizes good works to the detriment of the faith, and Paul, on the other hand, was associated with Protestantism, which downplays works in favor of the faith.

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For orthodoxbut such a divided understanding of the theology of these apostles is a great delusion. And this is because both apostles express the same ultimate view of the faith, as writes.

Peter no longer promotes Christ and Paul no longer. They both share the same experience, the salvation in Christ, for which they both gave their lives in martyrdom. After all, the Spirit of God who enlightened them, was and always is the same.

When the apostle Paul, for example, emphasizes faith as a condition of salvation, he proclaims the common testimony of the other apostles, pre-eminent Peter, in which, "yes, the righteous live by faith", but this faith is expressed by the works of faith, that is, by the repentance of man, and with the fruit of faith, love. "Faith for love acted" in its concise formulation, which means that then the Christian faith comes to life and is activated when it follows the path of love. This is a different formulation of the teaching and the apostle James, according to which "faith without works is dead."

Otherwise, the faith alone can also be considered as demonic, "since both demons believe and fry". Thus faith and works (of faith) coexist in the Christian tradition, while any division of faith from works is interpreted as the result of the confusion of the soul and the divided mind of the heretics. That is, the inner division, which the heretics live, due to the sin operating in them, leads them to see the theology of the apostles Peter and Paul divided. In other words, at this point the psychological principle is confirmed, according to which every human being, in order to understand the world, actually projects himself: what he lives, he extends to the outside.

At possible objection that historically there was a conflict between the leaders - when the apostle Paul when Peter came to Antioch, spoke to him in person, because he was reprehensible. Because before some of James' people came, he ate at the common dinners with the Gentiles.

But as if they came, he retreated and separated his position, because he was afraid of the Jews - the answer is no different: the disagreement was about Peter's tactics towards the Gentiles and not about the faith and truth he lived.

That is why Εκκλησία he constantly projects and promotes their unity through and from the image of their celebration, where he places them in an embrace.

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