Cheap and Efficient Home Heating: The Most Economical Ways of Heating - The Pros and Cons of Everyone

Economical heating is the demand of all households, as the price of oil has soared, and due to the

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Economical heating methods are in demand in all households, since the price of oil has reached new heights, while due to the lockdown we spend many hours indoors.

The cold has slowly made its appearance and we are all looking for ways to warm up, trying to avoid using oil.

Economical ways of heating: Oil boiler

If you have autonomous heating and want to use the oil boiler, although in recent years it is one of the most expensive options, you can reduce the operating costs of the system by doing some small "interventions" of low cost.

Boiler maintenance - burner. Ask your technician to set it to the minimum thermal power that can operate at high efficiency. This will save 5-15% depending on the age of the boiler. This will cost you from 100-200 euros.

Installation of a compensation system. Automatically regulates the temperature of the heating water according to the weather conditions. As the outside temperature drops, so does the heat transferred to the premises. This way you save 15-30% and the cost of installing this system is 1000-1500 euros.

Thermostatic heads: They are placed in each body separately (cost 25 € each). Thus, it is regulated according to the needs of each space. This way you save up to 30% on fuel.

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Economical heating methods: Gas or LPG boiler

In this case it is good to have the thermostat at a constant temperature. The ideal temperature is between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius. Also be careful not to cover the bodies with furniture, as this significantly reduces their performance.

If you can afford it, dare to change the oil boiler to a gas boiler. Its combustion causes the least possible pollution compared to all other fuels. On the other hand, natural gas is 30-35% cheaper than oil, which means that you will have depreciated in 4 years.

The pluses of natural gas:

Save space as it can be placed on the balcony
Reduced maintenance requirements
Automatic switching from natural gas to LPG and vice versa

Whether you have a gas or oil boiler, if you use radiators do not forget:

The heat pump, although it has a high installation cost, in case you are preparing your house now, is one of the most economical options in terms of savings.

It does not burn any fuel, operates on electricity and uses the hot air from the environment. It can be connected to radiators, but the best option is to connect to fan coil units, which have the ability to produce both cooling and heating, which means that you do not need radiators and air conditioners, nor water heaters since a connection you can always have hot water.

The cost of the heat pump is around 6500 euros and the time you will pay it off is 8 years.

Economical heating methods: Inverter Air Conditioner

For those who choose an air conditioner for your heating, prefer Inverter technology. They may be 30% more expensive than conventional air conditioners, but they consume 40% less energy. It is worth noting that the Inverter is beneficial for those who use more than 1 hour a day.

The machine you choose should be suitable for the square footage of the room. If you force the machine to cover the space, it will burn more electricity. So consult a specialist before making such a purchase.

Economical ways of heating: Wood or pellet stove

A wood stove that costs around 400 euros is definitely a cheaper choice than a pellet stove that costs around 1200 euros. Pellet, however, emits less pollutants into the atmosphere, while it is also a material that can be recycled. Pellet is compressed wood or agricultural products and burns more slowly.

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Economical ways of heating: Radiator

The radiator operates with current with the natural flow of air. What it does do is pull down and take out the hot air. It does not dry the atmosphere, while adjusting the thermostat saves energy.

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Economical ways of heating: Radiant radiator

He uses the room air to heat the surface of the radiator and then the house. They are essentially like the sun.

Economical ways of heating: Air heater

This does not annoy the air from the front but makes a uniform distribution without air currents.

Economical ways of heating: Heat accumulators

These are made of firebricks and have a larger volume and are more expensive, but in case they operate with the night power, they save a lot. They can be set to turn on automatically at night, charge power and operate during the day with energy already stored. The already stored energy can be used 24-48 hours later with a small loss.

Economical heating methods: Bath radiator heater

What you achieve with it is the rapid rise in bath temperature.

Economical ways of heating: Quick heater

This is a device that is placed next to the shower faucet and heats the bath water for as long as you have it running. The energy you save by using it is very large and definitely worth it especially if you have a large family.

Economical ways of heating: Heated mat

Some of you may think this is too much, but there are people who get very cold feet. This mat keeps the feet warm, while it is also suitable for office spaces. Using it, you isolate the cold coming from the floor, keep your feet warm and regulate your body temperature faster, especially when you are still. This mat is also ideal for your pets.

Economical heating methods: Radiator with wooden cover

It is a radiator with a wooden cover, rounded corners and hidden switch connections for complete safety. It is definitely suitable for children's rooms, while you can also order it with a design of your choice.

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Economical ways of heating: Traditional fireplace

The traditional fireplace does not offer any heating in the house. It can heat anything in front of it, but in essence, whatever hot air it puts in, it lets in just as much cold air. Prefer lining with firebricks and not with cast iron. The cast iron heats up quickly, but freezes when the fireplace is extinguished, while the opposite happens with the firebrick.

Turn your old fireplace into an energy fireplace so you can take advantage of the warmth of the fireplace to heat your home efficiently. A conventional fireplace transfers only 15% of the heat produced by the wood, while the energy one 70-80% of the heat.

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Find dry wood. They have radial cracks and their bark is easily detached. Do not burn furniture or anything other than wood intended for fireplaces.

Avoid fir and pine wood because it is dangerous. Prefer olive and oak wood because it burns longer.

Briquettes made from 100% recyclable material are twice as expensive as wood, but they provide 60% more heat than that. They leave no ash and have almost zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Do a good chimney sweep once a year if you use it often to avoid catching fire.