This is the new Board of Directors of the Paralimni Youth Association

Who does it consist of?

Screenshot 6 11 GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Board of Directors, Paralimni Youth Association

The Board of Directors of E.N.P. Football, as was said in yesterday's General Assembly, will be made up of:

George Kosmas
Loizo Neofytou
George Papetta
Pambo Pogiatzis
Tasso Farkona
Laura Tzourrou
Despo Sepou
Damiano Kouzali
Vangelis Vittis
Antonis Metaxas
Lefteri Flouri
Costa Ganaiem
Panagiotis Mallouris

The door is and will always be open to anyone who wants to help in this great effort which, fortunately for us, finds all of you as worthy supporters.

Our only promise and commitment will be our daily and selfless fight and effort against all the small and big problems that arise with the aim of stabilizing our country's team in the First Division.