Deryneia: Make a contribution to upgrade the field of Renaissance Football academies

A group of parents took it upon themselves to create a fund for the purpose of upgrading the auxiliary field

Screenshot 3 26 stadium, Deryneia

After intense reflection and various discussions that preceded it, a group of parents of Deryneia Renaissance Football academies took the initiative to create a separate fund in order to upgrade the existing facilities of the auxiliary field.

Through a series of actions and planned events, the existing facilities of the auxiliary field will be improved and more specifically: the turf, the lighting and the football equipment of the academies.

According to the announcement of the parents of Deryneia Renaissance Football academies "in the first phase we set as a goal the amount indicated on the platform as with this amount an old debt will be paid which is a brake on any effort made by the association regarding securing sponsorship (60-70%) from the CMO for changing the turf. We are therefore pleased to present the sponsorship platform which, for the purposes of credibility and transparency, is linked to the association's current account. We therefore invite those who are willing and able, Mediterranean or not, to support this effort with the aim of creating a modern sports center for our children. Even the smallest contribution is big".

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