ENP: Disappointment and tears for relegation

Anorthosis - ENP 1-0 - Paralimni is in the 2nd division

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Paralimni Youth Union suffered a 0-1 defeat by Anorthosis at "Antonis Papadopoulos". The 23rd failure of Marinos Satsia's team sent them to the Second Division with Marios Antoniadis giving the maroons the free shot with a shot inside the area in the 52nd minute. Paralimni came one breath away from staying in the A' Category, as at the same time in Limassol AEL drew 1-1 with Doxa.

The finale of the championship was not suitable for the faint of heart, since everything was hanging by a thread and the scene for the third team that would follow Akrita and Olympiakos in the Second Division became clear in the delays. Doxa were trailing 0-1 and Paralimni needed a goal to stay out of the relegation zone.

In the end, the Union said goodbye to the salons of the big ones with 37 points, two less than Doxa. Anorthosis completed with dignity the... nightmare of participation in the second group. It reached 63 degrees and from tomorrow morning the planning for the new season will begin.


Anorthosis (Vesco Mihailovic): Papadopoulos, Antoniou, Correa, Antoniadis, Correa, Ferreira (84' Argyrou), Artimatas, Sambo, Christofi (60' Ninga), Guerrero (84' Mraz), Antonin (70' Giuliou).

Paralimni (Marinos Satsias): Kostic, Kotsonis (59' Lucero), Christofi, Dreksa, Gebremovic, Da Silva, Fernandes (59' Rousias), Katsiaris (79' Meira), Constantinou (59' Diavara), Lami, Vucenovic.

Scorer: Antoniadis 52' / –

Yellow: Artimatas, Antoniadis / Kotsonis, Konstantinou, Christofi, Lucero

Miscarriages: - / -

Stage: "Antonis Papadopoulos".

Referee: Zuferli Luca (Italy).

First Assistant: Dimitriadis Marios.

Second Assistant: Savva George.

4th: Antoniou Marios.

WHERE: Paterna Daniele (Italy).

AVAR: English Nikos.

Observer: Michael Karaiskakis.

Source: goal/philenews

Photo: kerkida.net