Pele: Critical hours for the "legend" of football

By his side and his son

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Pele: Critical hours for the "legend" of football
25.12.2022 | 19:50

By his side and his son

Pele, whose health has worsened in recent days, is still in a serious condition and is being treated at a hospital in Sao Paulo.

Pele's daughters, Flavia and Kelly Cristina Nascimento, have been by their father's side for some time now, while on Saturday (24/12) his son Edinio also arrived at the "Albert Einstein" hospital, to spend Christmas Eve and the Christmas with his beloved father.

On Friday, Endinho apologized for not being able to be by his father's side due to his work commitments, telling Estadao: “I would like to be there, but today I have commitments here. I'm not a doctor, I wouldn't be able to help much.

However, the next day, the technician of the football club Lodrina of Parana was also at the side of Pele, who has been hospitalized since the end of November.

Edinio posted a photo on Instagram in which he appears to be holding Pele's hand and captioned it: "Dad, my strength is with you." In some photos in this particular post, Edinio is captured, along with his daughters Sofia and Stephanie Nascimento.

No particular activity was noticeable on Saturday in front of the "Albert Einstein" hospital, where only a few journalists waited for news about the only footballer to win the World Cup three times (1958, 1962, 1970).

At the same time, a video that has been released on social media has caused grief and shows Pele's relatives greeting him via video call. He himself seems to have no communication with the environment.

The 82-year-old Pele is suffering from colon cancer, a diagnosis he received in September 2021. Last Wednesday (21/12), the treating doctors informed him of the "progression" of the cancer, as well as of "kidney and heart failure".

Pele was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital following a respiratory infection caused by the coronavirus infection, as well as a re-evaluation of his cancer treatment, as the chemotherapy he was undergoing was ineffective.