Stefanos Tsitsipas: He touched the dream but lost to Djokovic

The Greek tennis player did not succeed in the final of Roland Garros

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In his first Roland Garros final, Stefanos Tsitsipas led 2-0, but Novak Djokovic made it 3-2 and won the 19th Grand Slam of his career.

Last year he was in the semifinals of the Paris tournament. This year he went one step further and reached the final. Where he seemed capable of driving everyone crazy, as he was excellent in the first two sets, which he won. The Serb, however, is not a rookie. On the contrary, he is a gambler, an experienced and a machine. He showed it in the semifinal with Rafa Nadal, he proved it in the final against Stefanos. Who may have been upset about the defeat now, but it looks like mathematically certain that the day will come when he too will celebrate winning a Grand Slam.

The 1st set

The Greek tennis player, in the biggest game of his career so far, did not seem at all anxious and managed to keep his own serve until 5-5.

In the 11th game, however, he did not avoid two mistakes and Djokovic made the break, to which Tsitsipas responded with his own break immediately after, tying the score at 6-6.

Everything, therefore, was judged in the tie break, where Stefanos led 4-0 and 5-2, to turn it into 6-5 by the Serb, but Tsitsipas made it 8-6 and made his first set in the Roland Garros final.

The 2st set

Wearing from the first set, which he took in the tie break, the Greek tennis player immediately made a break and then kept his serve, making it 2-0 in the games. Djokovic, who was trying to understand what was happening, not only failed to answer but saw Tsitsipas make a second break, reaching 5-2 and immediately after to 6-2 and 2-0 in the sets!

The 3st set

Stefanos Tsitsipas was excellent in the first two sets of the Roland Garros final, but the third belonged to Novak Djokovic.

Having been with his back to the wall, after being back with a 2-0 set, the Serb entered strongly in the third and managed to break, taking the lead with 3-1 in the games.

Djokovic continued at the same pace and made it 4-1, with Tsitsipas trying to react, reducing to 4-2 but failing to reverse the course of events: 6-3 the Serb and reduction to 2-1 at set.

The 4st set

The Serb took the third set with 6-3 reducing to 2-1 and entered the fourth with a lead, dominating to an absolute degree. Djokovic made two breaks, kept his own serve and went 5-0 ahead in the games, making it clear that the final will lead to the 5th and final set.

Tsitsipas, after all, was not at 100% anymore, not only because of fatigue but also because of the discomfort in the middle. The best he could do, therefore, was simply to take two games (6-2), having also accepted that the final will be judged in the 5th set.

The 5st set

The goal for Tsitsipas was to show that he was psychologically strong after the two sets that Djokovic took and showed. The Greek tennis player kept the serve and won the first game, with the Serb answering the second.

However, things got very difficult for Tsitsipas somewhere there, after Djokovic made a break and took the lead with 3-1, then holding his serve, taking the set with 6-4 and celebrating the 19th big title of his career. of.