This is the new Mercedes GLE

Mercedes-Benz continues to surprise us with its new models and the new design language that follows. The most recent example is the new GLE, the car with which it will "play" in the category of large and luxurious SUVs. At the front, the large grille with the huge star in the center stands out, as does the dynamic bumper with the protective black plastics, which emphasizes the "adventurous" character of the car.

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At the side, the passenger windows are separated from the rear of the luggage compartment and an aesthetic "trick" is created that highlights the third pillar of the vehicle, while at the rear the thin lights and nickel details of the bumper are the highlights. The cabin of the new GLE is another story. Of course you expect diffuse luxury and impressive looks from a top Mercedes-Benz, but the brand has outdone itself.

Mercedes Benz GLE 2020 800 01 GLE, Mercedes-Benz

The pattern of the two screens, one for the instrument panel and one for the central multimedia system, is followed in the GLE, while the new multifunction steering wheel ties in with the whole. The wide center console ensures that the driver and front passenger have their own independent space and lower, we see the infotainment controls. The passenger spaces are larger than the previous generation of the model thanks to the longer wheelbase. The space for the hind legs has increased by 6,9 cm and for their heads, they have 3,3 cm more "air".

Mercedes Benz GLE 2020 800 1a GLE, Mercedes-Benz

If you are wondering about the trunk, it is a real… cave with a capacity of 825 liters, which reaches up to 2.055 liters with folded rear seats and will also be available as a seven-seater! In fact, the GLE "loads" even easier, thanks to the air suspension that can lower the threshold by up to 4 points. The engines of the big Mercedes SUV have not been announced yet, except for one. It is the launch engine with the 367 hp six-cylinder petrol engine and an electric assistance system with a 22 hp boost, when needed.

Mercedes Benz GLE 2020 800 2a GLE, Mercedes-Benz

The German brand stressed that in the future four-cylinder petrol and diesel sets will be added, a rechargeable hybrid version (Plug-In Hybrid) as well as eight-cylinder versions for the top. The 9-speed automatic transmission is a common denominator for all versions, as is the 4MATIC all-wheel drive, but the latter will have a different mode of operation in the four-cylinder sets with transfer case that will transmit the torque "locked" in a fixed ratio of 50:50 front and rear. In contrast, the six-cylinder and eight-cylinder will have different transfer cases with multi-disc clutch and torque distribution from 0% to 100% from axle to axle.

Mercedes Benz GLE 2020 800 2b GLE, Mercedes-Benz

Technology lovers will not be left unmoved by the new GLE. Active congestion control at the traffic jam will allow the car to move autonomously in traffic jams, up to speeds of 60 km / h, while when the GLE stops moving, it will be able to start again on its own, while taking over control of the steering system. Mercedes-Benz has harnessed technology to serve comfort as well.

Mercedes Benz GLE 2020 800 2nd GLE, Mercedes-Benz

There are sensors that detect the type of road surface and adjust the suspensions accordingly, as well as the E-Active Body Control that controls the damping of each wheel individually to limit the slopes of the body when cornering. Finally, the MBUX multimedia system we saw in the new A-Class, takes its place in the GLE. This means control through gestures, voice commands with "Hey Mercedes" and excellent levels of smartphone connectivity. The new GLE will be made in the USA, will make its official debut at the Paris Motor Show in October and will be available from the end of Autumn.

Mercedes Benz GLE 2020 800 35 GLE, Mercedes-Benz