Jeep Renegade: Refresh in rhythm… samba

The American firm unveiled the South American version of the renewed Renegade, giving a first taste of the changes that are also specified for the European version.

Jeep Renegade 2022 facelift Jeep, New Car

The renewed version Renegade starts its commercial course from the other side of the Atlantic and Brazil, giving an idea of ​​the changes that are being launched and of its European version, which is expected within the year.

The images from Jeep Brazilian do not reflect radical changes in design except for some details.

jeep renegade 2022 Jeep, New Car

On the face of it, a new bumper stands out while the protective plastics seem to have been reinforced by acquiring some gray details. The reversing indicators are integrated in a different and more "invisible" way in the body, while the grille is new, which is narrower, with the characteristic vertical elements extending in some way to the body.

At the rear, the redesigned bumper stands out, which also obeys the two-tone gray / black, while the lights are also new.

jeep renegade 2022 1 Jeep, New Car

Inside, the new steering wheel stands out, which is combined with a new digital instrument panel. The infotainment is hosted on the same 8,4-inch screen although it benefits from improved software. The rest of the interior looks the same as its hitherto known version with the exception of the addition of a USB-C port but also the data new options that will be in the investment.

2022 Jeep Renegade Interior Jeep, New Car

At engine level, the biggest change is the replacement of the 1,3-liter engine with a new 190-horsepower, same-capacity Turboflex, which will be more efficient. The range is completed by petrol sets with a capacity of 1,0 and 1,3 liters with power from 120 to 180 hp as well as plug-in hybrid versions 4xe in two different versions with 190 and 240 hp. Of course, in Europe there will also be diesel engines, while it is not excluded that there will be improvements in terms of efficiency "after all".