Five mistakes we make when using air conditioning in the car

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Now that the temperature is rising again (along with high humidity levels), it is good to pay attention to how we should operate our car air conditioning system, as usually - according to the experienced technicians of the car industry - we make the following five mistakes:

1. Turn on the air conditioning as soon as we get in the car

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In summer, the interior of a car parked in the sun can reach 60 degrees Celsius. This temperature can drop by 25 degrees in about half an hour if we follow the following instruction:

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We open doors and windows for a minute before turning on the air conditioning. With this simple movement the temperature inside drops, fresh air enters and then we enter the car, close the doors and windows and turn on the air conditioning.

2. Keep the air recirculation option on all the time

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This is another classic mistake that can confuse your windows. The right thing to do first (for 3-5 minutes) is to select the recycle and then the Auto option, so that the air flow can be adjusted automatically, more evenly and efficiently.

3. When breakfast is cool, do not turn on the air conditioning

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Depending on where we are, some summer mornings can be cool. However, it is a good idea to turn on the car air conditioning, even if you set the temperature to high, to avoid blurred windows when the outside temperature starts to rise slightly.

4. The wrong regulation of the airways

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Many times, despite the air conditioning working, the passengers are still warming up and adjusting the selector to an even lower temperature. But before resorting to this energy, we must regulate the flow of air inside, so that the cold air is blown from the air vents to the roof of the car and then (as cold air is heavier than warm air, to « bathes "the passengers.

5. Incomplete maintenance

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As with the engine, wheels or brake fluid, the car air conditioning system also requires special maintenance. It is recommended to change the filters every 15.000 or 20.000 kilometers to keep the flow and volume constant.