The Aygo X is Toyota's smallest SUV

The small model of Toyota with air ... SUV

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 1 Toyota, Car, New Car

Toyota had clearly shown its intentions regarding the smallest model in its range since the presentation of its prototype that has a strong aura of an SUV.

The same goes for the production model, the Aygo X, which differs little from the concept and looks really fresh and attractive. At the same time it looks and is significantly larger than its predecessor, since its length has increased by 23,5 (!) Cm reaching a total of 3,70 meters

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 3 Toyota, Car, New Car

Corresponding (+10 cm) is the increase in width, while the wheelbase, which has reached 90 mm, is larger by 2.430 whole millimeters and of course flatters the spaces inside the Aygo X.

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 4 Toyota, Car, New Car

These prices, however, were expected since the base is the Yaris framework.

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 6 Toyota, Car, New Car

Indicative of the latter is the trunk of a total of 231 liters (+60 liters) that places the Aygo X at the top of its class in this area. At the time the luggage compartment was the point where the previous generation was significantly behind.

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 20 Toyota, Car, New Car

Upgraded, youthful and digital in the richer versions is also the interior, since in them there is a 9,0 inch touch screen in the center of the dashboard. The trip computer screen on the instrument panel is large, above which there is an analog speedometer, while the equipment can include from many assistance systems up to a wireless charging position for smartphones.

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 16 Toyota, Car, New Car

The Toyota Aygo X is available with a single engine, the three-cylinder naturally aspirated 1.000 cubic meters of the Japanese company. Delivering 72 hp and 93 Nm, it is combined with either a five-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic.

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 17 Toyota, Car, New Car

The final speed reaches up to 158 km / h, the official consumption is 4,7 liters for every 100 kilometers and the emissions are 107 grams per kilometer.

TOYOTA AYGO X 2021 2 Toyota, Car, New Car

The new Toyota Aygo X will be in Cyprus next spring and its price will be proportional to the current base Yaris.