New Range Rover reclaims luxury SUV throne (BINTEO)

The biggest design change is located at the rear, as the thin (and black) LED lights form a strong visual identity

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The Range Rover is one of the station models of the global car industry, since more than half a century ago it actually founded the luxury SUV category.

Now, having happily reached its 5th generation, its shape evolves and becomes more modern without forgetting its past. Neither the latter as it is the logical continuation of its immediate predecessor nor the most distant since it has all those aesthetic elements that traditionally characterize it.

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Elements such as the "floating" roof - the "effect" here thanks to the smoky crystals and the black columns are even more intense - the configuration of the rear with its vertical lower part and the fifth door that opens in two parts.

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The biggest design finding, however, is located at the back, as the thin and black lights, LED of course like the headlights, form a strong visual identity. Equally characteristic are the "clean" lines of the body, where not even the handles protrude.

RANGE ROVER 2 Range Rover, Car, New Car

The familiar style of the British company, in its latest development, also exists inside, where the instrument panel is digital and the screen of the infotainment system is floating. Their diagonals are 13,7 and 13,1 inches respectively, while of course the present give all the assistance systems and all the interconnection possibilities, as well as Alexa. Amazon's digital assistant.

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The interior is luxurious by definition, while at the top levels it reaches the four-seater version with the large (LWB) wheelbase. On the other hand, the 7-seater version, available for the first time.

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The basis of the new Range Rover is the MLA-Flex (Flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture) frame, while beyond that the suspension is pneumatic with a new five-link rear axle and there is the possibility of preloading the reversers to reduce cornering inclinations.

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Apart from the four-wheel drive, the four-wheel drive is also standard, while the transmission is of course automatic everywhere.

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The available engines, petrol and diesel, are six-cylinder 3.000 cubic meters, with mild hybrid assistance. Their output ranges from 250 (D250) to 400 hp (P400). Above there is a V8 4.400 cc BMW with 530 hp, while the range is completed by two plug-in hybrid versions, again with the three-liter six-cylinder, the P440e and P510e, which as their name suggests have a combined power of 440 and 510 hp respectively .

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