Tsipouraki – Mezedaki: Music evenings in December: From folk songs to... mandinades!

Musical evenings with lots of fun and good food are being prepared at Tsipouraki - Mezedaki in Kapparis

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Tsipouraki-Mezedaki continues its musical evenings, enriching them with even more bands that you will surely love. At the same time, fasting options have also been added to the menu.

Regarding the musical program of the month, this Friday, a Cretan feast full of mandinades, raki and of course the wonderful mezes that will complete your experience awaits you. On the microphone will be the musical group Minoites.

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If you are a fan of pumolaikos, then on Saturday you must be at Tsipouraki - Mezedaki. Giorgos Spanos and Paris Theodoulou will definitely make you get up from your chair to dance and spend a very entertaining evening.

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On December 17, for the first time Tsipouraki-Mezedaki will host Irini Pelagia and Kyriakos Hatziandreou. Their melodious voices accompanied by a guitar will surely take you on a journey.

It is noted that the music selections are perfectly consistent with the Greek character of the restaurant's food. In addition to the meat options, the menu has also been enriched with various fasting dishes. `

Detailed program for the month of December:

  • 9/12 Minoans (Antonis Hourdakis and Kostis Chalkiadakis)
  • 10/12 Giorgos Spanos and Paris Christodoulou
  • 16/12 Giorgos Spanos and Paris Christodoulou
  • 17/12 Irini Pelagia and Kyriakos Hatziandreou
  • 23/12 Giorgos Spanos and Paris Christodoulou