The moving video of Cypriot actors for the quarantine days

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In a video posted on their Facebook page, the Cypriot actors in an effort of solidarity.

Good viewers,

Palm Sunday today and under other circumstances we would have the end of our theatrical season, but they caught up with us.

"It simply came to our notice then
many and the unexpected "

The big family of actors unite voices and tell us "terrible but fair things".

These days of confinement, our arts travel and accompany us, they open windows to our souls and minds !! But now we need the arts!

All states have responded to the call for support for culture and its people. So we call on the state to do the same.

It is an urgent need!

A joint initiative of the Union of Actors of Cyprus and the Branch Artists of SIDIKEK-PEO Theater.


Source: politis / kathimerini