Mount Athos: The monk who lived 82 years and died without ever seeing a woman

This is the man who never saw a woman, never went to the movies and never got on a plane in his life.

agio oros o andras poy ese kai pethane choris na gnorisei pote kapoia gynaika Mount Athos, male

The publication in "Historic Photographs"

"Never having seen a woman in the 82 years of his life, Michael Tolotos lost his life in the monastery of Mount Athos, in Greece. Also, he had never had the experience of driving a car. He never lived watching a movie, or traveling by plane.

His mother died when he was born, according to reports from Athenian media. He found himself in a monastery where no woman enters. He became a monk and the monks of his monastery performed a special burial ceremony, because they believed that he was the only man in the world who had never seen a woman. "

Mount Athos

Mount Athos: What "Storypick" says

From Storypick, we learn that this man must have been born in 1856 in Athens. It is also speculated that the incident of his death was written in an Athenian newspaper in 1938. The monk must have lived in Mount Athos all the years of his life. I did it, faithfully applying the laws of immortality. Those that have been in force since 1046 and do not allow women to trespass on the lands of the Athonite state.

Mount Athos: A dark story

At a time when Athens was trying to breathe from the power of the Crimean War and its deafening defeat in it, at a time when the Great Powers (England - France) had "pulled our ear" landing in Piraeus and its dream to take back the "unredeemed homelands" from Turkey, it faded awkwardly, a child lost his parents and someone sent him to Mount Athos. What describes the above excerpt. It looks like a kidnapping, a crime committed in complete immorality. The "special funeral" for people who have never met a woman, is an element that makes the case look a little strange. It is a case that is on the verge of urban / Athonite legend.

How easy it is to find out exactly what happened to Toloto, in an area that is considered an autonomous state and rarely does any news information come out with the possibility of confirmation from serious sources. Tolotus probably lived a strange, half-life in an unfinished world.

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