AVGOROU: "By her side until death do us part" The beautiful love story of Mr. Antonis and Mrs. Chariklia

A love story that is not told in words but expressed in daily actions!

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Article: Christiana Dionysiou

This story proves that real love really exists and that it is not only measured by how much we sacrifice for the other person, but also by how much joy their existence gives us.

Mr. Antonis and Mrs. Chariklia have been together for 50 years! They experienced everything, joys and sorrows, especially when in 2012 Mrs. Hariklia was diagnosed with dementia. Unfortunately, in 2015 he became even more seriously ill. But that didn't stop her husband from taking care of her as always. He never leaves her alone, he became her personal nurse. Everyday, he looks into her eyes and tears up. Tears not of sadness but of the joy her existence gives him.

A love story that is not told in words but expressed in daily actions!

Mr. Antonis reports to ant1lıfe:

"Hariklia was very beautiful, sensitive and kind. When we got married she was 22 and I was 26. She was with a consul and I remember how excited I was when I saw her. I had then told my parents "what a beautiful girl, I want to marry her".

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On September 19, 1973, we got married and had two children, a daughter and a son. For several years we worked together in a marble factory. In 1974 I left her because the war broke out and I had to join the army. Those other wounds...

I still carry the wounds of war. The bullets were going right through my head... To this day I have a problem with my hearing.

My wife and I loved each other very much...

We worked hard, traveled, enjoyed life. I am in love with her to this day.


In 2012 she became ill with dementia and in 2015 her health deteriorated. Now she needed help... The decision to place her in a nursing home was very difficult, but there was no other choice.

At first I came every day to take care of her. But when the coronavirus came things became very difficult and so I decided to move here with her. We are in the same room so I can take care of her. From the beginning I had asked the nursing home staff to let me take care of her. I put her on the oxygen, give her the medicine. I have the beloved Saint and every day I pray for her.

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Our children come almost every day and see us, they love us and I am proud of my family.

I wish he was well and we were at home...

But what happened to her doesn't stop me from telling her every day how much I love her and take care of her. I lean down and kiss her, smile at her. I'm glad to be by her side. I love her and only death will be able to separate us, only him...".

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Love is the driving force of this world… Such stories make this earth beautiful.

Article: Christiana Dionysiou