Famous chefs reveal kitchen secrets and give advice

Cooking lessons from their home for haute cuisine dishes

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At a time when most of us are trying to manage the new reality by putting into practice "Staying Home" some of the most famous and beloved chef worldwide they resist the coronavirus by choosing the creativity offered by the security of their home. So, behind the kitchen (of their home this time) they embark on new culinary adventures both through videos on social media and by delivering masterclasses or interacting with their audience by answering their various questions.

Awarded with Michelin stars, they are distinguished for their excellent culinary skills and have some of the best and most famous restaurants in the world. THE Covid 19, however, put a lock on their business and famous chefs around the world also stay home and share with their online audience, now, recipes and secrets enabling all of us to spend more creatively and constructively the abundant time we have at home.

Massimo Bottura, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and many other distinguished and beloved chefs on a daily basis share with gastronomy lovers tips that will help you develop or improve your cooking skills as long as you apply the "Stay Home" .

From how to use all the raw materials in your closet, to how to make handmade pasta or homemade marinades, whatever you decide to make at home, success is guaranteed, since you will have learned from the best in the genre. .

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The fact that he is consistently ranked among the best chefs in the world is not at all coincidental, as he has three Michelin stars, while his restaurant, Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, has twice been awarded the best restaurant in the world by Wold's 50 Best Restaurants.

Bottura was one of the first chefs to make online cooking "fashionable" - as an Italian counts more than four weeks of quarantine - with the help of social media, offering a note of joy and optimism to his affected compatriots, and not only, from the pandemic of coronavirus.

Through his personal account at Instagram (more than 1,2 million followers read his posts daily) shares with his fanatical tips on how to prepare even in his home kitchen imaginative and creative dishes, as well as secrets for some of his favorite dishes from Thai curry to homemade tortellini but also how to make homemade béchamel (his advice: make sure to cook the flour over low heat by adding the milk a little).



HELLO GUYS !! here is a quick video recap of how I started a quick besciamella sauce for the “everything Mac and cheese” dinner from the March 16th LIVE. INGREDIENTS: melt the butter in the pot and toast flour with it; add a pinch of salt; then gradually add in the luke warm milk (it is important to mix with energy to keep the roux in shape) then some nutmeg !! See you tonight at 8 pm CET for a new episode of #kitchenquarantine • Stay Safe and Stay Tuned!

A post shared by Massimo Bottura (@massimobottura) on Mar 17, 2020 at 9:56 am PDT

Every night, then, with the help of his son and his wife in kitchen, but also of his daughter in the video, through the cooking series that started due to the quarantine entitled "Kitchen Quarantine", he makes live streaming shows cooking from home, while after the completion of each show he remains active in his account in order to respond to questions and give clarifications to his audience.

For those who did not catch the live broadcast, they can log in to his account and watch the videos the next day at noon. Among other things, his shows have revealed the secrets of his famous hummus or an authentic and delicious béchamel, how you can take advantage of the raw materials of your refrigerator so that they do not spoil or how to create new dishes with already cooked food runs out.

The British chef, restaurant, writer, TV personality and food reviewer with a total of 7 Michelin stars, known for his explosive character and harsh criticism, which in 2018 ranked 33rd on the Forbes list of the highest paid celebrities, winning the previous $ 62 million a year, has its own fanatical audience.

From the moment he was confined to his home, following the instructions to deal with the pandemic, his fans have the opportunity to follow his successful recipes and cooking skills through his official channel at YouTube, discovering all its secrets for the famous fish sandwiches and its quick and delicious pancakes, dishes are the reference points of the famous chef.

He also reveals his secrets for perfect scramble eggs on his channel, while giving tips on how to properly cut onions, how to fillet salmon as professional chefs, as well as basic general cooking tips necessary for those who want to excel in the field.

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The 36-year-old Canadian TV star who became known to the general public through his successful and Emmy Award-winning series Queer Eye Netflix has shot a series of cooking videos which are shown via Instagram on the IGTV channel. Entitled "Cooking Lessons in Quarantine", these are short cooking lessons, with great doses of humor and easy recipes that everyone can prepare at home, such as chicken with parmesan, omelette and turkey burgers.



EP # 1: The Keep Calm-lette: An omelette made in isolation is still an omelette. Served wa black bean salsa made w whatever was left at the grocery store

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The famous chef focuses mainly on recipes that are prepared with already cooked raw materials or with the limited stock that every home has due to coronavirus, while he does not fail to present dishes for vegans as well. The purpose of his videos, as he states, is to make it a little easier to enclose everyone in the house, while giving tips and ideas for delicious dishes that make everyone feel beautiful. Bonus for his 4 million followers who will watch his "Happy Hour" videos, in the middle of each video with good news from the USA.

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Known mainly for his approachable and simple cooking techniques, which through his TV shows put him in the homes of the British, and not only, Jamie Oliver with his new cooking series "Keep Cooking and Carry on" aims to help his spectators get through his pandemic season coronavirus as creative as possible, offering them easy recipes and cooking tips with raw materials that are usually found in the kitchen of every home.

Easy Homemade Bread | Keep Cooking Carry On | Jamie Oliver

Homemade bread !! Probably one of the biggest recipe requests over the last few days! This is the easy bread recipe Jamie showed you earlier in the week on Keep Cooking and Carry On.Don't miss the next episode, tonight Channel 4 at 5:30 pm.# TogetherAtHome

Posted by Jamie Oliver on Thursday, March 26, 2020

In his shows, which have been described by the public as useful, understandable and creative, the famous chef reveals how one can make homemade tagliatelle with flour and water in a few minutes or how to make his own bread and cake without eggs. The 30-minute episodes are broadcast daily by the British Channel 4.

In addition, as he announced, the famous chef will streamline them culinary his skills with live videos on Facebook daily at 18.00 (Greek time), with the videos remaining on his page forever. In fact, as the chef himself states, "cooking nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones has never been more important."