Countries that have never elected women to high positions

With the election of Aikaterini Sakellaropoulou, Greece moved to the other category

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We had to reach 2020 to see a woman in the highest state office in Greece. THE Ekaterini Sakellaropoulou became the first woman President of the Republic and our country - albeit belatedly - wrote its own history, showing -through the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, which was proposed by Mrs. Sakellaropoulou - confidence in women.

At the moment, in fact, in Europe more and more women are coming to power. Of course, there are still countries within the European Union, even the so-called powerful ones, that have not shown confidence in women to take the reins of power.


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We have reached 2020 and in the country of the Enlightenment, we have not seen another woman take over the Presidency of France. To this day, only men cross the threshold of the Elysee Palace, and the only woman who insists on running for the presidency is the far right. Marie Le Pen, which recently announced its intention to run again in the 2022 elections.

In fact, Le Pen in the 2017 presidential election had passed to the second round, where she lost to Emanuel Macron, who is going through one of the most difficult periods of his term.


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In Italy, too, the prime minister's office is male-dominated. And we may have seen politicians in power, like Silvio Berlusconi (and even three times), but we have not seen a woman take over the reins of the country until today.

In fact, the neighbor has something in common with France. What is this? An extreme right-wing politician aspires to become Italy's first prime minister. The reason for Georgia Meloni - "Le Pen of Italy", as they call her - the leader of the far-right party "Brothers of Italy".


Here, it is a little different as the case may be. The Netherlands is a Reigning Parliamentary Republic and was headed by Queen Beatrice from 1980 to 2013. She was succeeded on the royal throne by her son, William Alexander, who became the first man to hold the highest office after 120 years.

And if the royal throne for more than a century was a woman's affair, the same is not true of the prime minister. To this day, the Dutch have not elected a woman to this state post.


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"It could Vladimir Putin to imagine a woman as the president of Russia in the future? This was a question recently received by the Russian President, who replied that "Gender is irrelevant to ability and integrity. "Women certainly have a feminist approach, which is acceptable to a politician."

And yes, Russia is another country on the list that we have not seen a woman in power to date. At a time when other countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia have done so.


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It was in 2016 when the Hillary Clinton aspired to become the first female President of America. And it came very close to becoming a reality and in the land of opportunity, a woman getting her own political opportunity.

However, the country's electoral system is such that although Clinton had 3 million more votes by Donald Trump, was forced into a painful defeat by the Republican candidate, who was eventually elected President of the United States. But there may be an opportunity to see a woman in the White House in reality and not just in TV series.

For the upcoming 2020 elections, the anointing of the Democrats is claimed by Elizabeth Warren, who, according to experts, is conducting a more careful election campaign than Hillary Clinton, avoiding mentioning the fact that she is a woman.


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The case of Canada is different from the previous ones. In the June 1993 election, Kim Campbell became Canada's first female Prime Minister. In fact, at the time, because of her political profile, many said she would become Thatcher of Canada. But their predictions were dashed, as her stay in power lasted only a few months and she did not even manage to appear in the country's Parliament.

This is because in the elections of October 1993 he suffered an overwhelming defeat. However, even for a while she wrote her own story as the first female Prime Minister of Canada and so far the only one. Also, 27 years later, many mention her, acknowledging that she was an honest politician.