The turbulent life of the charming Colin Farrell

The drugs, the charge of murder, the sex tape and the health problem of his son

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He is considered one of the "tough" and most charming actors in Hollywood with more than forty films in his biography.

Born on May 31, 1976, o Colin Farrell with the characteristic accent, it has a "sinful" past, which attracts interest. The charge of murder, drugs, a sex tape and his son's health problem are part of the famous actor's hectic life.

The childhood dream, the charge of murder and abuse

Colin Farrell grew up in a Dublin suburb on March 31, 1976. At the age of eight, he fell in love with Marilyn Monroe. In fact, as he has said, she left under the pillow of smarties to find them της her spirit. One day he did not hesitate to write her a letter: "I know you are dead, but these chocolates are so delicious that you should definitely come and try them. I will not tell anyone. "

His father and uncle were football players. He planned to follow the same career but the abuses did not allow him and very soon he abandoned his childhood dream.

"The plan to become a footballer went downhill. I smoked almost a reef. I made my first cigarette. I drank my first beer and discovered the girls. That's it. "I loved football, but I could not continue training."

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It started with an Irish soap opera and from there developed a great career in the film industry.

Some holidays in Australia at the age of 18, turned sour for him as he got involved with the law. While he was walking on the street, police stopped him and arrested him. Colin Farrell was suspected of murder!

The police had in their hands the sketch of a man who looked very much like the actor and so they considered that he was the killer. Farrell was unable to defend himself as he was so dizzy from drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, a friend of his proved that he had been together all night, so the police released him.

Farrell has been involved with alcohol and drugs since he was 14 years old. The situation went out of control after 20. He had become famous and his career in Hollywood began to take off. However, the reports about his frantic life and drugs greatly affected his image as a professional. Many productions considered him unreliable and he lost roles.

Colin Farrell played Alexander the Great in "Alexander" in 2004. The film received rave reviews, which greatly influenced him.

In an interview with the Mirror website, he revealed that in 2002 during the shooting of the movie "Minority Report" he was so blind that he had to shoot a scene 56 times to say his words correctly.

As he said, last night he had gone out with friends to celebrate his birthday, got drunk and went to the shooting awake. He had asked for a break from the production company but his request was not accepted and the shooting turned out to be disastrous.

But alcohol and drugs kept him out of the world. "I was so emaciated and blurred by drugs that I could not make friends. I hung out with anyone I knew outside. " In 2006, when the filming of "Miami Vice" was completed, he decided to go to a detox center to deal with his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Farrell did it.

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The famous actor always believed that one of the reasons that led him to drugs was that from a young age he liked "the self-inflicted pain, the darkness, Dostoevsky, the lonely nights he spoke on the moon and wrote bad poetry."

"I do not have a predisposition to depression. But let's say I suffer from a mental illness. Sometimes the pain, if we cause it ourselves, can be sweet. "You can feel alive if you feel pain," he said.

To conclude: "I also know, from another point of view, that when someone I love dies, there is something incredibly alive from pain and grief, even if it is egocentric to mourn for yourself. "I am grateful that I came out of this cycle of life."

On May 31, 2010, his birthday, he quit smoking. He smoked a whole pack of cigarettes that day. It was something like a farewell. He sat and watched every turn he made. At 23:55 he lit the last cigarette. He has not smoked since. When he was free from all substances, yoga entered his life.

A sex tape in public

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Colin Farrell was and is generally admitted to be a very charming man. He has had many relationships with colleagues or not, while he has had two children, out of wedlock. The list of his conquests is very long. Among the famous soubise women, such as Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears, but also Playboy model Nicole Narein.

In January 2006, Farrell filed a lawsuit against Nicole Narein, who, in collaboration with Internet Commerce Group, released without her consent a 13-minute video of their sexual moments from 2003.

He was offered $ 5 million for video copyright. Farrell claimed he did it to ruin his career and make money. The case, although it reached the courts, was settled by settlement. The lawsuit prevented the video from being sold, distributed and viewed, but the material had already leaked to many pages on the internet.

His son's health problem

In 2003, Farrell had a son with model, Kim Bordenave, James. James suffered from Angelman syndrome, a rare neuro-genetic disorder in which the child exhibits mental and physical retardation, is irritable and constantly looks happy. James walked for the first time just before his fourth birthday. He said his first words at six, while at nine he managed to eat alone.

"The birth of my son was a blessing for me. "His rare illness made me mature, appreciate life and understand its deeper meaning," Farrell said.

At the premiere of the film "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" by George Lanthimos at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Greek director Colin Farrell, did not want to refer only to the film production where he plays a family heart surgeon. Seizing the opportunity, Farrell referred to his son "small victories" "that fill him with humility".

In a moment of honesty, Farrell talked about his own journey as a father and how moved he was to see his neurogenic son take his first steps.

"When James took his first steps a few weeks before his fourth birthday, it was amazing and humble to see him," he said in an interview with co-star Nicole Kidman and director George Lanthimos.

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"People often talk about the first step a child takes. Obviously it is a monumental moment, and it is depicted in the film. But being told that your child may never take the first step, and then seeing these first steps is, in a way, a very different matter, "he confessed.

After attending the Special Olympics in Shanghai in 2007, Farrell began talking publicly about his son's race and small triumphs.

"I chatted with his mother and then decided I wanted to speak publicly about the pride and joy our son gave me," he said.

"We share the small victories: the first words at the age of six or seven, being able to eat alone at nine, and controlling crises. "When you are the father of a child with special needs, it is important to feel that you are not alone."

In recent years, Farrell has collaborated with the "Angelman Syndrome Treatment Foundation" with the aim of raising public awareness, as well as the psychological and financial support of parents. "Embrace diversity and see it as an opportunity to celebrate life in all its forms," ​​says Farrell.

The collaboration with George Lanthimos

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One year after their collaboration in the award-winning "Lobster", o Yorgos Lanthimos and Colin Farrell reunited for the second time in the former's new film, "Killing of sacred deer."

The famous actor stated that after the award-winning film "Lobster", where he gives one of the best performances of his career, he really wanted to work again with the Greek director while he admitted that he was shocked as soon as he read the script of the new film.

"Yeah, I don't know, it looked pretty gloomy," Farrell said. "When I read the script, it seemed great to me and the prospect of working with George again was fantastic."

He may not have revealed much about the film, but Colin Farrell said Lanthimos has a very specific visual and clinical approach to the way he directs.

"Reading the script was very strange; I felt nauseous after reading it," said Colin Farrell.