Skyscrapers coming to change cities

Despite the pandemic and the recession, some did not stop looking up

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New construction plans are unfolding every day in some corner of the world and most are now looking higher and higher.

Man has always been passionate about her record breaking and stable, a trend that does not seem capable of being stopped.

Here we will talk about spectacular skyscrapers coming in 2021 to change the atmosphere of the cities that will host them.

They have been rising higher and higher for years and 2021 is the year that is expected to be delivered ready.

They are not just another series of tall buildings, but members of the 100 tallest towers in the world, a golden list of skyscrapers that already exist and others that are being prepared and will be completed in the coming years.

Our guide here is the CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat), the institution that has set international standards for the measurement and definition of tall buildings.

It is not just that it is the most accurate database for any skyscraper discussion, it is mainly that it acts as the body that attaches the laurels to an architecture to enter the "tallest buildings in the world".

So these are the projects we expect to see completed in 2021.

What if it wasn't pandemic of 2020 to delay or even freeze the construction of many more, the list would undoubtedly be richer…

Riverview Plaza A1 - Wuhan, China

1 37 2021, skyrocketing

On Uhan, the capital of Hubei Province and the largest city in central China, we all learned in 2020 as the epicenter of the coronavirus. From the images that made the round the world we saw that the metropolis is full of spectacular skyscrapers.

The Riverview Plaza A1 is the tallest of the three towers built by the American Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects since 2013 as part of the integrated design vision of the Riverview Plaza Development.

The A1 climbs to a height of 436 meters and will be mixed use. Of its 73 floors, 45 will house offices, as well as a five-star hotel at the top, with panoramic views of the Yangtze River.

The base of the skyscraper of 185.300 sq.m. will have shops and restaurants.

111 West 57th Street - New York, USA

2 22 2021, skyrocketing

His new piece of jewelry is fast moving towards its completion Manhattan, the residential tower of 435,3 meters and 84 floors. It consists of two buildings, the historic 16-story Steinway Hall of 1925, which once housed the Steinway & Sons store, and the 84-story tower designed by SHoP Architects.

The steel and cement skyscraper houses 60 luxury apartments, 14 at the base and 46 at the main tower, but also a series of exclusive services exclusively for the tenants.

When delivered in 2021, it will be crowned one of the tallest buildings in the United States. But also the thinnest skyscraper on the planet. It began construction in 2015 and despite its incredible adventures, including lawsuits, financial problems and technical challenges, it is almost ready.

Dongguan International Trade Center 1 - Dongguan, China

3 13 2021, skyrocketing

Another huge skyscraper, which will become in 2021 a member of the group of 100 tallest buildings in the universe, is preparing feverishly in the key industrial center of central China, the city of Dongguan.

The tower of 426,9 meters, 88 floors and 215.000 sq.m. will house exclusively offices. It started to rise in 2014 and when it is put into use, it will be the tallest building in the city, but also one of the tallest in China.

It is even built in the center of the city, in a privileged part of Doguan, in which a large part of exportable products of the country.

Trade Center 1 is the tallest of the 5 towers of the huge complex under construction (the next two are 280 and 210 meters high), providing apartments, offices and hotels.

PIF Tower - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4 10 2021, skyrocketing

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) Tower is a skyscraper that began construction in 2010, was partially completed in 2014, in 2019 was ready for construction and in 2021 will be delivered for use. It is 385 meters high and will house offices on its 72 floors.

The new jewel of the financial center of the city is the tallest of the 5 buildings under construction, symbolizing a new era of supremacy for the capital of Saudi Arabia.

In fact, it is one of the most technologically advanced skyscrapers in the world, with an innovative solar energy system that automatically regulates the internal temperature, responding to its intense sunshine and heat. Riyadh.

It has built-in wireless communication features and its own optical fibers, as it is intended for large corporate offices.

"Smart" infrastructures merge voice, data and audiovisual material to save costs and promote productivity.

Thamrin Nine Tower 1 - Jakarta, Indonesia

5 7 2021, skyrocketing

Thamrin Nine is a spectacular complex of mixed-use buildings built in Jakarta, offering 570.000 sq.m. to be covered by offices, shops, apartments, hotels, sports facilities and entertainment venues.

The complex consists of 6 towers, 3 with apartments and 3 with offices. The tallest of all is Tower 1 (also known as Autograph Tower) of 382,9 meters and 75 floors, which will house offices.

It began construction in 2014 and will be delivered in 2021 as Indonesia's first spectacular skyscraper. The lower floors will house offices, while the upper floors will be used by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Tower 1 is even a "green" skyscraper, saving 30% of the energy that a conventional skyscraper of similar size would consume.

A little lower is the Tower 2 of the complex, at 300 meters high…

Guiyang World Trade Center Landmark Tower - Guiyang, China

6 4 2021, skyrocketing

Built at an altitude of mountains, rivers and tributaries, Guiyang is a bustling Chinese city boasting its new shopping mall. Work began in 2017 on the jewel of the mixed-use construction plan, this 380-meter tower (no number of floors announced).

The tallest skyscraper of the huge complex of 21 buildings occupies 163.466 square meters out of a total of 829.000 sq.m. of the new metropolitan center. It will host offices of multinational companies and a hotel.

Next to it will be built a shopping center on one side and a high-rise building with services on the other. The new Guiyang World Trade Center is one of the largest construction projects in the world, a crossroads that will change the city.

Both above and below ground, as sports facilities, entertainment facilities and much more will be built there.

Shenzhen Center - Shenzhen, China

7 2 2021, skyrocketing

Its construction started in 2012 and in 2021 it will be delivered for use, as here all the schedules were kept to the letter. It is a very tall skyscraper of 375,6 meters and 70 floors that is added to the already many skyscrapers of Shenzhen.

The metropolis of southern China, to its north Hong Kong, already houses 6 of the 56 skyscrapers in the world over 350 meters and longs for others, as 3/4 of its 12,5 million inhabitants are either foreign nationals or Chinese from other regions.

It is a city that pulsates with commercial and industrial activity and seeks even taller buildings. The new tower is not the tallest in the city, but it will be in the 100 tallest buildings in the world once it is delivered…

Haitian Center Tower 2 - Qingtao, China

8 2 2021, skyrocketing

Qingdao in the eastern province of Shandong is an important port of the country, but also a commercial and industrial hub. It hosts the world's largest sea bridge and other such wonders, remaining one of its cities China with the highest standard of living.

And soon, in 2021, it will have to boast for another reason, the towering skyscraper of 369 meters and 74 floors that will house offices and hotels.

Also known as New Horizon Tower 2, it is the jewel of the Haitian Center, an over-ambitious construction plan that seeks to completely change the look of the beach.

Here are built 3 tall skyscrapers (the other two are 240 and 204 meters high), but also impressive complexes of mixed use, such as luxury apartments, two hotels, huge office space, but also shops, conference centers and much more.

Tower 2, which began to be erected in 2016, will be the tallest building in Qingtao.

Greenland Group Suzhou Center - Suzhou, China

9 2 2021, skyrocketing

A real miracle started to be built in 2014 in Suzhou, next to Shanghai, a bold design skyscraper 358 meters and 77 floors, to house offices, hotels and homes.

Here aerodynamics played its own role, meaningful role, creating this "lung", as the architects want it, in the center of construction.

It is nothing but the skyscraper atrium, a fully functional 30-storey window that bathes the interior with light and opens to provide fresh air.

The innovations of the skyscraper in terms of energy saving and "green" solutions literally have no end. Compared to a conventional tower of similar size, it operates with 60% less energy.

And with a particularly low footprint in the environment.