The technological trends that will monopolize in 2021 (IMAGES)

Some are working feverishly for the new technological revolution that is just around the corner

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It is a fact that the forecasts for 2021 seem extremely precarious after what we experienced in 2020.

The technology itself was also affected by the coronavirus pandemic, upsetting in many ways the normal flow of things.

Ο technology industry however, it helped humanity to manage it Covid-19.

It was, for example, there when we had to work from home and it was again present when we had to track contacts and process large volumes of data.

The need is, after all, the mother of inventions over time, and this was true in 2020, despite the catalytic, sweeping, one might say, operation coronavirus.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

And given that in 2021 we will be preoccupied with other things than the coronavirus, here is how most analysts see the game of digital transformation of society being played out…

Ethical artificial intelligence

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Η Artificial Intelligence continues to be one of the leading trends in technology and everyone estimates that this will continue in 2021. It is a sweeping force of change that can not be stopped.

Machine learning algorithms have also helped humanity a great deal with the coronavirus, collecting epidemiological data and rendering models of dispersal and assessment of health interventions.

Artificial intelligence systems and self-education skills now work wonders small and large, locating relationships and information that would go unnoticed by the human mind.

At the same time, they anticipate the needs of services in all sectors, allowing better estimates, and therefore more correct decisions regarding the use of resources.

At a time when everyone is speculating that 2021 will be even more online, artificial intelligence will help the business industry manage its new challenges of online consumer behavior. But also socialization.

Algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated, detecting trends and proposing solutions. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the democratization of artificial intelligence and data use.

Overnight, companies, governments and institutions found themselves in an unprecedented need: to work together effectively and quickly to stop the pandemic. And to make this happen, they turned to three things: primary data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

2021 will bring more artificial intelligence everywhere, influencing how we shop, what we eat, how we interact with others and what we do to have fun.

One aspect of all this is the need for more ethical artificial intelligence. Both the consumer and the companies themselves that eventually embrace machine learning are now calling for more responsible use.

Maybe 2021 will be the year we decide to mobilize it in ways that do not violate our privacy and respect basic human rights. The trend is changing and changing rapidly…

Robots, drones and vehicle automation

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Η autonomous driving It seems to have completely disappeared from public debate, but it is here and now more promising than ever. Initiatives for driverless smart cars have not stopped and everyone expects the trend to continue in 2021 at the same pace.

The efficiency of public transport systems is now a priority on many government agendas, as this can lower the cost of human labor. And automation is the royal road here.

At the same time, in the pandemic we saw the emergence of robots in the field of public health. This trend is expected to spread, especially where the interaction has to do with the most vulnerable sections of society, such as the elderly.

Robotic systems already provide 24-hour home health monitoring, creating new channels of communication where it is not safe to send a nurse home.

Even services such as cleaning and security are being automated, an activity that has proven to be extremely profitable and some people are already betting openly in its favor.

The companies that manufacture robot saw their shares skyrocket in 2020. The drone makers did the same, they saw the demand hit red inside the coronavirus, when the flying robots delivered medicines to them and monitored public places for the necessary social distance.

The coronavirus accelerated the need for automation, creating a current that would be difficult to stop. Tools, instruments and machines with autonomous capabilities and real artificial intelligence were the great triumphants of 2020.

And those who will lead us in 2021…

5G and new connectivity

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Faster and more reliable internet does not just mean that the pages will load more easily or the waiting time to watch a video on YouTube will be reduced. Every successive development in mobile connectivity after 3G has ushered in a new era for internet, unlocking features.

3G was what made surfing and online services available on the mobile phone. With 4G we got video and audio platforms on our mobile devices. And now that 5G is coming, even more things will be available on mobile, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and cloud gaming platforms.

5G threatens even fiber optic networks with its speeds. It is the biggest revolution we expect in 2021, which will allow many of the things we are discussing here.

Sophisticated real-time data-driven machine learning applications will come to our mobile phones, as will truly innovative face and object recognition algorithms.

True automation in products and services without 5G does not mean. We also learned of his need in the difficult 2020, when we had to work remotely and collaborate in the digital world.

The 5G but it will allow something else, which we have been hearing for a long time: the internet of things. The interconnected and smart applications, services, products and devices, controlled through the smartphone.

5G will come in 2021 and will cause another small revolution. The big mobile manufacturers have already launched 5G models in the market and Qualcomm, the undisputed leader in 5G technology, is making it increasingly affordable.

Virtual and augmented reality

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Glasses and headsets that project images directly from the computer directly into the eyes are of course not a new story, only in 2021 VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) will be the big bet of the market.

The manufacturers have promised great things for 2021, as VR and AR come to respond from their own heart to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Even medical examinations are now done through virtual reality, with ophthalmology already having such an application ready that allows high-definition examination of the eyes without physical contact between doctor and patient.

At the same time, augmented reality solutions have appeared in e-shops, for remote shopping. You can already buy glasses and see how they sit on your face without having to leave the house.

2021 will bring VR and AR even to education, with e-learning apps whetting the appetite for even bigger things. Augmented reality has also been used during the pandemic in some countries, transmitting real-time data to areas with a high viral load.

AR glasses will now be attached to mobile phones, offering more information on what we call reality. The availability of the 5G network will play a big role here, which will allow the best connection of smartphones and AR glasses, projecting even more easily promoted audiovisual material in our eyes.

Everyone estimates that both smartphone manufacturers and mobile providers will wholeheartedly embrace the new fashion of virtual and augmented reality, changing our very reality.

The quantum computer

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It is a fact that the quantum computer went into the "trifles" of technology news in 2020, however, progress in the sector was unprecedented.

The pioneers of IBM and Honeywell in terms of operating quantum computers, but also the resounding collaborations of Splunk and Quantum Computing, Honeywell and Microsoft and AWS and IonQ, trigger a real breakthrough.

The quantum computer was mobilized in the pandemic, trying to predict the spread of the coronavirus, but also to find therapeutic solutions. It was the need that brought him to the forefront and now, having proved his potential, it is estimated that 2021 will be his year.

As the market begins to understand its power and what it has to offer in terms of observation, analysis, recording and processing of data from multiple sources at a time, the quantum computer will constantly gain ground.

Of course, it still has a long way to go until it is adopted en masse, and always independent of traditional computers, in 2020, however, it became clear that no one can continue to ignore it.

The coronavirus brought rapid developments in its research and development quantum computer and no one expects the momentum to stop in 2021. Just as the unfortunate circumstance suddenly brought him to the surface…

Digital health

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The health sector has traditionally been the slowest-moving human activity, but it has magically changed in the midst of its fever. Covid-19, when everyone understood that innovation is one way.

Ο The World Health Organization has published an excellent report with its forecasts for digital health for the next 5 years, showing the path that the industry should follow.

And the road is one: integrating technology into every step of public health. Digital health applications are accelerating developments in the field by developing appropriate, sustainable and affordable medical care solutions.

The directions that will follow one of the leading technological trends of the new year are to bring health closer with smart devices, advanced computer science, large-scale data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and robotics.

If 2020 showed anything and the coronavirus pandemic is how quickly we have to adapt to change. THE public health unfortunately he understood this better than anyone.

All eyes are on the tech world…