Five dishes you won't think are vegan

Variations of traditional meatless recipes and animal products for everyone

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Hearing the word alone "veganMany believe that nutritional suggestions will be few and far between. Error! Even the vegan eat skewers, moussaka, pastitsio, burgers and many other foods… with just a few variations on recipes.

So what does "vegan" mean and what are the habits of people who have chosen this type of diet?

The word "vegan" comes from the word vegetarian which means vegetarian and began to be used in 1944. It was then that the UK Vegan Society began, as it was considered immoral to use the term "vegetarian" for people who consume dairy products. They combined the first three and the last two letters of the word vegetarian and created the term… vegan.

The British Society of Strict Vegetarians has used the term "vegan" to focus on all those people who have decided to exclude animal products from every aspect of their daily lives.

It is not just a situation but in fact it is a whole philosophy and attitude of life. People who characterize themselves as strictly vegan complain about it violence and try to stay as far away as possible from anything that harms the environment, the livestock And them people.

The first thing to do after making a decision is to take a test to find out if he or she has any eating disorder so that he or she does not include the food that is bothering him or her in his or her schedule. At the same time, it would be better to submit a little more regularly than in the past blood tests to control his iron and hematocrit.

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Because we wanted to show you how vegans can taste everything and make you jealous of some of their dishes, we contacted the Veganaki restaurant.

"Veganaki" is located in Athens at 38 Athanassiou Diakou Street and its chef set out to convince us that we can try dishes that will drive our palate crazy without realizing that they lack the animal products contained in their traditional forms.

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Who said you can't eat moussaka if you've decided to follow a vegetarian diet? Anyone who believes this is simply wrong. The meatless moussaka is made with red minced meat "minced meat" and cauliflower béchamel and almond milk.

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This is essentially a variation of the traditional cooking that is very reminiscent of the taste that prevails at Easter family tables. But instead of meat, it has mushrooms. Contains leeks, lettuce, dill, onion and extra virgin olive oil.

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It is based on sunflower seeds and chia seeds. The recipe also contains mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and herbs. It is accompanied by "cheese" from cashews and homemade vegan Russian salad.

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One of the favorite dishes of young and old can be made without the classic "minced meat". If we stir the recipe a little and put soy "minced meat" it will have the same taste while the béchamel may contain cauliflower and almond milk.

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Tiramisu without regrets as it has no trace of sugar. A homophagous recipe with nuts, coconut oil, espresso and maple syrup.