Memorial cycling race for Panagiotis & Damianos: With a request for respect by the law & not only

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Dozens of cyclists made a cycling tour in memory of 33-year-old Panagiotis and 13-year-old Damianos, who recently lost their lives, this morning in Latsia.

Dozens of cyclists from various areas of Nicosia and beyond, declared at 10 in the morning outside the City Hall of Latsia, to participate in the first cycling round. 

The Mayor of Latsia, Christos Pittaras, stated: “Today's cycling is in memory of 33-year-old Panagiotis and 13-year-old Damianos. We must all understand that we must have a conscience, a road conscience ". 

"We remind those who make decisions that we must promote bicycles, make the right infrastructure, that we must promote the proper design of sidewalks," said Green Movement MP Charalambos Theopemptou.  

Several children with helmets also took part in the Latsia cycling tour, as they know very well that on the roads and during cycling, they should take the necessary protection measures. 

"I came to ride for road safety," said a citizen. 

"Drivers still need to realize that we are drivers too," said another. 

According to the Coordinator of the Free Cycling Team of Latsia, Nikos Masia, "the purpose of this event is to promote cycling culture and sports to young people". 

The event ended with the awarding of mines to the participants, while a one-minute silence was observed in memory of the two undefeated cyclists.