The money was raised for little Nefeli

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The little girl can now hope!

It took a few days to raise the necessary amount for the treatment of the little one, who can now hope. 

The afflicted Greek society did its "miracle" again and showing once again the face of essential solidarity, put its hand, to raise the amount necessary for the treatment of little Nefeli.

Nefeli was diagnosed in July with extensive Ewing sarcoma in the right tibia and is undergoing chemotherapy at the HCC of Agia Sofia Hospital.

According to the Treatment Protocol AEWS003.1 requires radical surgical removal of the tumor and must be operated in the last week of September.

For this purpose and according to the judgment of the Therapists, it is planned to move to a specialized Center abroad with proven experience, at RIZZOLI ORTOPEDICO ISTITUTO, in Bologna, Italy.

The little girl's mother appealed through ANT1 Greece, while the Medical Association of Athens had previously announced the need of the child.

Now the girl and her family can hope, thanks to the mobilization of the world. 

The thank you announcement of the Medical Association

The Medical Association of Athens warmly thanks the hundreds of our fellow citizens who responded to his call to help little Nefeli.

We would like to inform you that the fundraiser stops as within a few days the required amount was collected for the child's treatment in a specialized center abroad.

The response from the public was unprecedented and moving. Hundreds of our fellow citizens from all over the world responded immediately to the call of ISA and participated in the effort to support Nefeli in the battle for her life.

Commenting on the issue, the president of ISA G. Patoulis pointed out the following:

"It simply came to our notice then. Hundreds of our fellow citizens from all over the world donated from their backwardness, to help a child who is fighting for his life. This proves that the Greek people, no matter how much they have been tested by the economic crisis, continue to have humanity and to show solidarity with their fellow human beings. This can be seen in the actions of the Social Mission Clinic, in which thousands of citizens participate. The immediate response of our fellow citizens from all over the world also shows the trust they have in ISA, a fact that fills us with joy and pride. We wish Nefeli a good recovery ".