The key to success for a young and ambitious entrepreneur

Collaborators, details, actions and exaggerations

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A business venture, especially in this day and age, sounds like a sci-fi scenario to most. But there are some who dare to take risks and test their skills and strengths in the business world.

If you are thinking of creating one business or you are already in your first business steps any advice from someone who was once in your position and is now experiencing success, definitely looks like gold in your eyes.

Below are some young and successful startups who got into the process of daring and it finally worked out for them. Following the advice of their own mentors, without degrading their own judgment and opinion, they managed to experience the success they had never imagined.

"You will never know enough. You will always be forced to make a decision without fully understanding what is coming. "As a founder, this is a truth you need to be familiar with," says Aaron O'Hearn, co-founder and CEO of Startup Institute, a company that provides services to people who want to improve their skills and mentality. so as to succeed professionally in startups companies.

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According to Ethan Austin, co-founder and president of Give Forward (a startup aimed at anyone who wants to help their family in any way, from sending a note to money, etc.), a young entrepreneur should have a good idea in mind. that when things are going well he should not give all the credit to himself, while when things are not going well he does not have to put all the blame on him. Once one realizes that luck plays an essential role in success, then one automatically becomes more humble and, at the same time, has more self confidence for his decisions and actions.

"For start-ups, documenting your preference and direction is a big deal. Talking about what she does company you and what has been achieved so far you lay a basis for your vision which is presented to the outside much more authentic and believable. Always generate value so that you can prove what you really can do, as opposed to what you would like, ”advises the co-founder and COO of Startup Institute.

"As a founder, or someone who is proud and very close to the product you have created, you always try to have the right perspective for your business. And you do very well, because who will hurt your own "child" more than you? Very easily, however, this can distract you from very important things. For example, if you think for four hours about which shade of blue best fits your logo, this is definitely a problem. Yes, the details they make a difference and are very important. But up to a point. You need to recognize when you need to move forward, ”explains Pavia Rosati, founder of Fathom, a travel startup that combines personal stories and travel guides with travel resources and products.

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Jamyn Edis, founder and CEO of Dash Lab, which promotes an innovative device that connects the car to the phone and allows smarter driving on a daily basis, suggests: "Do a thorough research for your ideas, but trust and your instinct. Always be proud of your "product", but keep in mind that perfection does not exist. Have a picture of him competition, but do not be afraid of him. Be direct and straightforward with your team, but always polite. Keep in mind that people may not have an immediate need for your idea, so you know when to give it up. Luck and resilience are concepts that are just as important as ideas and talent. Do not take yourself too seriously, even if you are trying to change the world. Never forget the important things: love, friends, family.

Kimberly Dobbins became an entrepreneur by making homemade cereal bars which she sells in 2.500 stores. What he advises young people who are taking their first steps in entrepreneurship today is to "give a basis to both the investors and the co-workers you in general, by selecting specialized staff, who will help you develop an organized policy for the development of your business step by step ".

"The failure is within the program and a process that every entrepreneur should be ready to face. "It does not mean, of course, that this should discourage him and hold him back," said Danae Ringelman, one of the founders of Indiegogo, which has experienced failure a few times but never put it down.

"It is always good to have a mentor who inspires and awakens. Advice and encouragement are always welcome, but that does not mean it is a panacea. Never forget that you are the owner of the company. And you will be called to make any decision for its good. "Do not challenge your judgment based on the opinions and advice of others," said Grinna Founded, founder of EverTrue, a company created to bring the technological advancement of the for-profit sector into the global, non-profit world.