What a man needs to know about clothing, style and fashion

What goes with what and what does not go with… nothing

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The men's wardrobe is bottomless uniform and particularly poor in options, always compared to the abundance, oversupply and overabundance of styles for the opposite sex.

And so you wear whatever falls into your hand or whatever has run out even from your early youth. Ate and a fashionable belt and you cared!

And yet, even if it style It's not your forte or it is not exactly in your sphere of interests, there are ways to dress elegantly without having to blow up the bank or spend your time in exhausting shopping.

Even the average man nowadays can dress properly, as he does not always perform as he wants. And definitely not for everyone. Everything is judged on some basic rules that you can even memorize. Rules that will save you from exaggeration and bad taste.

After all, the No. 1 principle here is simple: do not adopt a style that is not you. Only if you feel good in your clothes will you make a difference. And do not spend crazy amounts, amounts that you do not have, believing that the price tag will ensure an irresistible look. He never did.

So let's see the right and the wrong of men's clothing as 4 mature and established stylists do for us.

Timothy Lord, the man who, among other things, dresses him Michael Fassbender, Jude Law, Keith Richards and other rock stars. Andrew Gelwicks, the alternative stylist of the stars who collaborates with fashion warships (Calvin Klein, Balmain, Coach).

Mark Anthony Bradley, the Briton who made Hollywood bow to him and persuade James Bond, Daniel Craig, trust him with his closet. And Danyul Brown, who went so far as to dress even the most famous rappers…

The "yes"

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Combine a belt with shoes: The simplest rule. They do not necessarily have to be the same color, but keep them close to shades and textures. In a formal outfit, which should also look like their finish (if one is shiny, it should be the other). In casual situations, do not wear good zone.

Play with color: We are not talking about pied outbursts, but about pieces that are not blue, white, gray and black. Move to pastel shades and tones that flatter you.

Double-breasted jacket: In the classic two- or three-button dilemma, the two-button is never out of fashion. If you have one and only one suit, the two buttons are the safest and most stylish option. And since we are talking about a good suit, this one you have, let a tailor make it for you. It really makes a difference in the application.

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Brown shoe: The color that should not be missing from any men's shoe rack. Looks great with maren blue (navy blue).

Bow ties: It is officially the coolest you can wear. If it is to say "yes" to fashion, say it out loud with its No. 1 accessory gentleman. Make sure it matches the lapel of the jacket.

Jacket and tie: And here there is an inviolable rule. If the lapel of the jacket is wide, do not choose a very wide tie. If it is tight, do not choose the narrowest tie you will find out there. Balance is what is needed here.

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Tie to the length of the belt: Also inviolable. The tie always ends in the center of the belt buckle. Even in a casual outfit, if you choose to do the cat with a tie. But here go for a chic tight tie and not the ones you wear in the office.

Jeans shirt: It is a wonderful compromise, the epitome of business casual. And it is natural and very comfortable. And it goes with everything.

Black jeans: Like jeans shirt, has a timeless elegance and is suitable even for casual evening outings.

The "no"

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Do not wear clothes that do not fit you well: Clothes that do not spread, clothes wider than your line, clothes narrower than they should be. You are looking for the good application. Only a good fit does not mean sticky.

Short sleeve shirt with tie: Never! THE tie go only with the long sleeve shirt and there are no exceptions here.

Crease in the pants: Also never. Unless you are going to make a stylistic statement or it is your own, completely personal, style. In all other cases, the crease is a thing of the past.

Suit with the wrong sock: When dressing formally, you need to remember that the color of the sock should match the pants and not the shoe. As you would not wear pants that do not match the jacket, same logic. If you are wearing, say, a blue suit with a black shoe, the sock should be blue.

If the suit is light again, here the stylists tell us that the sock should be darker than the suit, but a tone lighter than the shoes.

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All buttons fastened: When we talk about a jacket, the last button is always open. If it is two-button, you only fasten the top. If it is a tricycle, you can close the top or the middle, but not the bottom. Is a male tradition that lasts for decades and you will certainly not break it.

Wrinkled clothes: Unless you want to suggest that you went to bed yesterday, wrinkled clothes do not make a good impression at all. To nobody. Never.

Do not wear too many colors: Another little gospel for men's clothing. Limit the colors on you to a maximum of three colors or shades. For the man it applies here that the less is the best. The same goes for clothes with patterns.

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Do not wear a suit with a backpack: A business suit with a backpack may have been established on Instagram, but in real life it is not an ideal combination.

Forget the jewelry: All the jewelry a man needs is exhausted at clock and the wedding ring, if he is married. Everything else is for the fashionable little ones and the music stars. However, if you have to save and put something well, remember that the rule of three pieces at most applies here as well.

Sports shorts: Unless we meet you on the way to the gym on a hot summer day, the short shorts are never worn in public.

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T-shirts with huge logos: If you do not want to wander around like a moving advertisement, and in fact, such blouses are not exactly the epitome of style.

Mobile adjusted to the belt: Would you ever wear Bluetooth on your ear as a fashion accessory? Put the cell phone in your pocket.

Do not wear white sports socks: Unless you go for sports. After all, the word says it, it is for physical activity. Not for the office or the walk. Neither white nor athletic.

The "conditional"

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Crazy socks: If it's summer and combinations with a loose snicker, why not?

Sneakers with suit: We may see it more and more, but stylists tell us that it is not the most harmonious combination. And definitely not for everyone. However, if you can support it, no one will put you on the wall.

Mixing designs and patterns: Since men's clothing is not just about rules, a little creativity and experimentation can make their appearance. Play with the plans, the cart, the stripes, the polka dots. If you are afraid of them, do not put them on large surfaces, but on the details, the scarf, the tie, etc. Without forgetting the basics, how to avoid exaggerations…